Biostatistics Student Profiles

This is not a complete list of our PhD students (listing optional)

Andy Beck, BS, MS
Fine mapping of mutation rates across the genome

Marco Benedetti, BS, MS
Statistical methods for spatial and spatio-temporal data.

Rupam Bhattacharyya, BS, MS
Regression Modelling, Bayesian Statistics, Statistical Genetics, Precision Medicine

Jonathan Boss, BS, MS
Multi-pollutant modeling, non-linear interaction selection in the presence of many environmental contaminants, and statistical inference when exposure data are subject to multiple detection limits. Applied collaborations in environmental statistics ranging from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, racial disparities in telomere length, and gestational duration in pregnant women

chen irenaIrena Chen, B.A.
Bayesian methods for high dimensional/temporal data

Zhongsheng Chen, BS, MS
Statistical methods for rare variant analysis

Yan-Cheng Chao 
Statistical methods for sequential multiple assignment randomized trial (SMART) in small samples. In particular,developing methods to estimate the response rates of treatments or dynamic treatment regimes in SMART when the outcome of interest is binary. Application of adaptive designs in SMART.

Elizabeth Chase, BSP.H., MS
Research interests still developing. Thus far, working on penalized regression and epidemiologic methods, with applications in cancer, HIV, women's health, and health disparities. Other interests include causal inference, missing data, neighborhood/network effects, and electronic health records.

Theresa Devasia, BS, MS
Cancer Research, Survival Analysis and Clinical Trials

Diptavo Dutta, B.Sc., M.Stat. 
GWAS, Rare variants, pleiotropy, pathway-based association, variable selection

Zhe Fei Zhe Fei 
High dimensional inference

Allison Furgal, BS, MS, M.A. 
Joint models for longitudinal and competing risks survival data, multivariate survival models, copula models

Cui Guo, BS, MS 
Bayesian methods and imaging statistics

Boran GaoBoran Gao, MBBS, MPH, MS
Statistical Genetics with interest in variance component analysis using summary statistics.

Tian GuTian Gu, BS, MS
Health Data Science, Missing Data, Data Integration, Prediction Models

Sarah Hanks, B.A. 
Development and application of statistical methods for the analysis of human genetic and genomic data.

Wei Hao, BS, MS
Mediation Analysis

Emily Hector Emily Hector, BS., MS
 Estimating equations, Composite likelihood, Generalized method of moments, Divide- and-conquer, Heterogeneous data integration, High-Dimensional data, Correlated data, Parallel computing. 

Abhay Hukku, BS, MS
Development of statistical methodology to address problems in human genetics. Currently working on new methods for conducting gene-set based analyses.

Kim HochstedlerKim Hochstedler, BS 
Clinical trials, survival analysis, cancer, mental illness

Alan Kwong, BS, MS 
Statistical genetics, genetic association, next-generation sequencing

Pin Li, BS, MS
Clinical trials, predictive risk modeling, use of biomarkers to individualize and adapt treatment.

lan luoLan Luo, BS, MS
Streaming Data Analytics and Real-time Regression Analysis.

Ying Ma, B.M., MS 
Statistical Genetics, Single cell data analysis

pedro orozcoPedro Orozco del Pino, BS, MS
Generalizability of Genetic Risk Scores

Robert Peng, B.A., MS
Use of polygenic risk scores to predict a patient's genetic risk for various diseases

Adam Peterson, BS, MS
Spatial-Temporal Aggregated Predictors: Methodology and accompanying software (rstap)and Classifying Built Environment Exposure

Emily RobertsEmily Roberts, B.A., MS 
Survival analysis and causal inference including surrogate endpoints for clinical trials.

Stephen SalernoStephen Salerno, BS, MS 
Statistical methodology and its applications to clinical quality measure development, health policy, and global public health.

Lulu Shang, BS, MS

Yanyi Song, BS, MS
Bayesian method, mediation analysis, statistical genetics

Kelly SpethKelly Speth, BS, MS 
Dynamic treatment regimes, observational data, machine learning, cancer biostatistics.

Yilun Sun, BS, MS
Robust Methods in Missing Data and Dynamic Treatment Regimes

Ming Tang, BS, MS
Missing Data Analysis, Dynamic Treatment Regimes

Nicole Wakim, BS, MS
Clinical trials, Alzheimer's research

wang liliLili Wang, BS, M.S.
Survival analysis, recurrent events, mixed-effects models, and causal inference.

Wenjia Wang, BS, MS
Semiparametric and Joint Modeling of Survival in Cancer Screening Problems

Josh Weinstock, B.A., MS
WGS variant calling; Mendelian Randomization; clonal hematopoiesis

Whiteman, Andrew, BS, MS
Biostatistics; imaging statistics, computational methods

wuWenbo Wu, B.A., M.A.
High-dimensional statistics, machine learning and optimization

Jingyue Xi, BS, MS
Statistical Genetics and Single Cell Analysis

Pranav Yajnik, BS, MS
Genetic Epidemiology, GWAS

guangyu yangGuangyu Yang, BS, MS
Estimation of the change points in the broken-stick model. Survival Analysis

yuan yang Yuan Yang, BS, M.S.
Nonparametric regression, high dimensional data, statistical inference, variable selection, and survival analysis.

Tsung-Hung Yao
Non-parametric Bayesian Statistics and Bayesian Network Methodology.

hengshi yu Hengshi Yu, BS, MS
Causal inference and statistical learning. Strong interest in the interplay between stochastic modeling and semi-parametric statistics.

Ketian Yu, BS, M.S.
Statistical Genetics

Youfei Yu, B.A., MS
Causal inference approach for censored data and data with multiple treatments.

Yuqi Zhai, BS, MS
Design and analysis of sample surveys, Bayesian inference and spatial statistics.

Gregory ZajacGregory JM Zajac, BS, MS.
Statistical methods and computational algorithms for the analysis of human genetic data. Current projects include genome-wide association studies, contamination, linkage, and meta-analysis.



zhang daiweiZhang, David Daiwei, BS, MS
Machine learning, statistical computing, statistical genetics, Bayesian methods

zhao xutongXutong Zhao, BS, MS
Statistical genetics

Zhangchen Zhao, BS, M.S.
Gene-based tests and efficient resampling methods

Yingchao Zhong, B.A., MS
Kidney transplantation registry data; survival analysis methods

zhou ninaNina Zhou, BS, MS
Dynamic Treatment Regime, Missing Data and machine learning

Jiaqiang Zhu, BS, MS
Statistical Genetics, Differential Gene Expression Analysis, Differential Methylation Analysis

Yongwen Zhuang, BS, M.S.
Statistical methods in genetics, computational statistics, machine learning