U-M SPH Faculty, Staff and Postdoctoral Fellow Directory

University of Michigan School of Public Health
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029
Telephone: (734) 764-5425

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Name Department Address Phone (734) E-mail Address Type
37 Total
D'Souza, Jennifer Epidemiology M5525 SPH II staff
Dahlerus, Claudia Biostatistics 3632 SPH I 734-764-2764 staff
Dailey, Paul (Bud) Health Behavior & Health Education Working Remotely
3835 SPH I
Dalaly, Mariam (Mimi) Biostatistics 3620-02 SPH I 734-763-1627 staff
Dallaire, Amanda Health Behavior & Health Education 3786 SPH I 734-936-1626 faculty
Daltuva, Judith Environmental Health Sciences M6234 SPH II 734-936-0756 staff
Daniels, Charlita Health Management & Policy M3541 SPH II 734-647-1925 staff
Daoud, Michell Environmental Health Sciences M6240 SPH II 734-764-4345 staff
Das, Sayantan Biostatistics 4605 SPH I student
Daugherty, Morgan Health Behavior & Health Education Working Remotely staff
Davis, Bing Wang Epidemiology 1919 Green Rd #A120 734-647-0281 staff
de Majo, Ricardo Health Behavior & Health Education 2770 SPH I 734-763-0017 staff
Delacroix, Emerson Health Behavior & Health Education 3800 SPH I #3-10AB 734-764-2014 staff
Delhey, Leanna Epidemiology 2665 SPH I 2029 post-doc
Dempsey, Walter (profile) Biostatistics M4057 SPH II 734-615-9825 faculty
Deng, Lili Health Behavior & Health Education Working Remotely staff
Detzler, Lauren Biostatistics M2030-26 SPH II 734-615-0420 staff
Devasurendra, Amila Environmental Health Sciences M6168 SPH II 734-615-6496 staff
Dhurvas, Mythili Biostatistics 3665 SPH I 734-763-1604 staff
Dickens, Joseph (profile) Epidemiology 2665 SPH I post-doc
DiFranco, Donna Biostatistics M2030-17 SPH II 734-764-7374 staff
Ding, Ning (profile) Epidemiology 4665 SPH I 2029 post-doc
Dobski, Christine Biostatistics 4619 SPH I 734-763-0424 staff
Dokshina, Dasha Epidemiology Working Remotely 734-615-0690 staff
Dolinoy, Dana (profile) EHS / NUTR M6017 SPH II 734-647-3155 faculty
Dotson, Ebbin (profile) Health Management & Policy M3118 SPH II faculty
Dou, John Epidemiology M5242 SPH II 734-763-2071 staff
Douglas, Cliff (profile) Health Management & Policy M3110 SPH II 734-936-0939 faculty
Drake, Daniel Biostatistics Working Remotely 734-678-644-8198 staff
Drennen, Gramm Environmental Health Sciences Working Remotely staff
Du, Juan Biostatistics 3650-03 SPH I 734-763-1547 staff
Dudley, Amanda Epidemiology M5158 SPH II staff
Duncker, William Epidemiology 4646 Corona Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 78411
Dunietz, Galit (profile) Nutritional Sciences C728B Med Inn Building, Ann Arbor MI 48109-5845
Durgy, Carole Nutritional Sciences 3800-A SPH I 734-647-2819 staff
Dushetty, Sreeharsha Biostatistics 4605 SPH I staff
Dvonch, Tim (profile) Environmental Health Sciences 6646 SPH I 734-615-3484 faculty

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