U-M SPH Faculty and Staff Directory

University of Michigan School of Public Health
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029
Telephone: (734) 764-5425

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Name Department Address Phone (734) E-mail Address
34 Total
D'Souza, Jennifer Epidemiology M5525 SPH II
Dahlerus, Claudia Biostatistics 3632 SPH I 734-764-2764
Dalaly, Mariam (Mimi) Biostatistics 3620-02 SPH I 734-763-1627
Dallaire, Amanda Health Behavior & Health Education 3778 SPH I 734-647-9601
Daltuva, Judith Environmental Health Sciences M6234 SPH II 734-936-0756
Daniels, Charlita Health Management & Policy M3541 SPH II 734-647-1925
Daoud, Michell Environmental Health Sciences M6240 SPH II 734-764-4345
Das, Sayantan Biostatistics 4605 SPH I
Daugherty, Morgan Health Behavior & Health Education Working Remotely
Davis, Bing Wang Epidemiology 1919 Green Rd #A120 734-647-0281
de Majo, Ricardo Health Behavior & Health Education 2770 SPH I 734-763-0017
Delacroix, Emerson Health Behavior & Health Education 3800 SPH I #3-10AB 734-764-2014
Dempsey, Walter (profile) Biostatistics M4057 SPH II 734-615-9825
Detzler, Lauren Biostatistics M2030-26 SPH II 734-615-0420
Devasurendra, Amila Environmental Health Sciences M6168 SPH II 734-615-6496
Dhurvas, Mythili Biostatistics 3665 SPH I 734-763-1604
Dickens, Joseph Epidemiology 2665 SPH I
DiFranco, Donna Biostatistics M2030-17 SPH II 734-764-7374
Dobski, Christine Biostatistics 4619 SPH I 734-763-0424
Dolinoy, Dana (profile) EHS / NUTR M6017 SPH II 734-647-3155
Dong, Liming (profile) Epidemiology 2671 SPH I 734-763-3645
Dotson, Ebbin (profile) Health Management & Policy M3118 SPH II
Dou, John Epidemiology M5242 SPH II 734-763-2071
Douglas, Cliff (profile) Health Management & Policy M3110 SPH II 734-936-0939
Drake, Daniel Biostatistics Working Remotely 734-678-644-8198
Drennen, Gramm Environmental Health Sciences Working Remotely
Du, Juan Biostatistics 3650-03 SPH I 734-763-1547
Dudley, Amanda Epidemiology M5158 SPH II
Duncker, William Epidemiology 4646 Corona Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 78411
Dunietz, Galit (profile) Nutritional Sciences C728B Med Inn Building, Ann Arbor MI 48109-5845
Durgy, Carole Nutritional Sciences 3800-A SPH I 734-647-2819
Dushane, Natalie Epidemiology 4665 SPH I #3 734-763-2196
Dushetty, Sreeharsha Biostatistics 4605 SPH I
Dvonch, Tim (profile) Environmental Health Sciences 6646 SPH I 734-615-3484

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