U-M SPH Faculty and Staff Directory

University of Michigan School of Public Health
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029
Telephone: (734) 764-5425

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Name Department Address Phone (734) E-mail Address
116 Total
Adar, Sara faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5539 SPH II 734-615-9207
Arevalo, C. Pamela staff Epidemiology 4646 Corona Ste 155
Corpus Christi TX 78418
August, Ella T. faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5240 SPH II
Babcock, Stacy staff Epidemiology 4667 SPH I 734-764-5435
Bakulski, Kelly faculty (profile) Epidemiology 5511 SPH II
Bielak, Lawrence faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5515 SPH II 734-647-4162
Bouchard, Benjamin staff Epidemiology 1919 Green Road #A120 734-763-2461
Boulton, Matthew faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5208 SPH II 734-936-1623
Brouwer, Andrew faculty (profile) Epidemiology 5073 SPH II
Burgard, Sarah faculty (profile) Epidemiology 4142 LSA 734-615 9538
Callear, Amy staff Epidemiology M5142 SPH II 734-615-8190
Campredon, Lora staff Epidemiology 5531 SPH II 734-763-2709
Carlson, Brad staff Epidemiology M5232 SPH II 734-763-2970
Case, Erin staff Epidemiology 2657 SPH I 734-764-2372
Cheng, Caroline staff Epidemiology M5118 SPH II
Cho, Beomyoung staff Epidemiology 2679 SPH I
Cifor, Laura staff Epidemiology 4651 SPH I 734-615-9170
Clarke, Philippa faculty (profile) Epidemiology 2661 SPH I
3330 ISR
Cronenwett, Anna staff Epidemiology M5112 SPH II 734-764-5462
Crowder, Abigail staff Epidemiology 2675 SPh I 734-615-9209
D'Souza, Jennifer staff Epidemiology M5525 SPH II
Davis, Bing Wang staff Epidemiology 1919 Green Rd #A120 734-647-0281
Dong, Liming faculty (profile) Epidemiology 2671 SPH I 734-763-3645
Dou, John staff Epidemiology M5242 SPH II 734-763-2071
Dudley, Amanda staff Epidemiology M5158 SPH II
Dushane, Natalie staff Epidemiology 4665 SPH I #3 734-763-2196
Dwivedi, Shamik staff Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Eisenberg, Joseph faculty (profile) Epidemiology 4659 SPH I
M5174 SPH II
Eisenberg, Marisa faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5166 SPH II 734-763-2991
Eklund, Stephen A faculty (profile) Epidemiology 734-647-0199
Fielding, Julie staff Epidemiology M5226 SPH II 734-764-8775
Fleischer, Nancy faculty (profile) Epidemiology 2649C SPH I 734-764-3644
Ford, Kathleen faculty (profile) Epidemiology
Foxman, Betsy faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5108 SPH II 734-764-5487
Francis, Nancy staff Epidemiology 4643 SPH I 734-763-0274
Fuller, Tracy staff Epidemiology 1600 Huron Parkway NCRC Bldg 300-304M
Gilsdorf, Janet faculty (profile) Epidemiology
Gilson, Maria staff Epidemiology 4653 SPH I 734-647-6474
Gordon, Aubree faculty (profile) Epidemiology 5622 SPH I 734-763-3580
Gray, Jody L staff Epidemiology 4655 SPH I 734-764-5454
Harlow, Sioban faculty (profile) Epidemiology 6610B SPH I 734-763-5173
Hashman, Jessica staff Epidemiology M5015 SPH II 734-764-5436
Herkimer, Carol staff Epidemiology 1919 Green Road #A120 734-763-2461
Higgins, Millicent faculty (profile) Epidemiology 252 Indian River Place 734-761-9608
Hirschtick, Jana staff Epidemiology 2679 SPH I
Hood, Michelle staff Epidemiology 6610 SPH I 734-647-0819
Howell, Catherine staff Epidemiology 4648 SPH I 734-615-8291
Hsu, Chia-Wei staff Epidemiology 2665 SPH I
Jeon, Jihyoun faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5065 SPH II
Jimenez-Mendoza, Evelyn staff Epidemiology M5158 SPH II
Johnson, Emileigh staff Epidemiology 5667 SPH II 734-764-5483
Kaniclides, Anne staff Epidemiology M5052 SPH II 734-763-3428
Kaplan, George faculty (profile) Epidemiology
Kardia, Sharon faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5174 SPH II 734-764-4221
Karvonen-Gutierrez, Carrie faculty (profile) Epidemiology 6618 SPH I 734-763-0571
Kho, Minjung staff Epidemiology 2669 SPH I 734-647-0206
Kimberly, Armanda staff Epidemiology M5052 SPH II
Ko, Tung-Chun staff Epidemiology 1919 Green Road #A120 734-763-2461
Koopman, James S faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5523 SPH II 734-763-5629
Lee, Gwenyth faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5071 SPH II
Lisabeth, Lynda faculty (profile) EPID / ADM 2649B SPH I 734-936-9649
Malosh, Ryan faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5134 SPH II 734-647-0092
Marrs, Carl F faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5116 SPH II 734-647-2407
Martin, Emily faculty (profile) Epidemiology 5626 SPH I 734-647-4723
McAdory-Kim, Sara staff Epidemiology 5218 SPH II 734-647-5897
McConnell, Dan faculty (profile) Epidemiology 6630 SPH I
1919 Green Rd #A120
McCullough, Kerry staff Epidemiology 6650 SPH I 734-763-0964
McGehee, Meredith staff Epidemiology 6610 SPH I 734-647-0819
McSpadden, Erin "EJ" staff Epidemiology M5142 SPH II 734-615-8190
Mendes de Leon, Carlos faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5523 SPH II 734-615-2134
Merillat, Steffenie staff Epidemiology 6646 SPH I 734-641-6329
Meza Rodriguez, Rafael faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5533 SPH II
Mezuk, Briana faculty (profile) Epidemiology 2649B SPH I 734-615-9204
Mondul, Alison faculty (profile) Epidemiology 4646 SPH I 734-764-3834
Monto, Arnold S faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5156 SPH II 734-764-5453
Morgan, Jillian staff Epidemiology M5216 SPH II 734-936-1590
Morgenstern, Hal faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5164 SPH II 734-764-5214
Morgenstern, Lewis faculty (profile) Epidemiology 1500 E Medical Center Drive
Needham, Belinda faculty (profile) Epidemiology 2663 SPH I 734-615-9228
Nichols, Emily staff Epidemiology M5052 SPH II
O'Neill, Marie faculty (profile) EHS / EPID 6631 SPH I 734-615-5135
Park, Sung Kyun faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5541 SPH II 734-936-1719
Patel, May staff Epidemiology 5022 SPH I
Pearce, C Leigh faculty (profile) Epidemiology 4642 SPH I 734-764-3835
Petrie, Joshua faculty (profile) Epidemiology 5118 SPH II 734-647-9873
Peyser, Patricia A faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5517 SPH II 734-763-4077
Platt, Tevah staff Epidemiology 4614 SPH I
Power, Laura faculty (profile) Epidemiology 5242 SPH II 734-647-5306
Priestley, Jill staff Epidemiology 1919 Green Road #A120 734-763-2461
Ratliff, Scott staff Epidemiology 2673 SPH I 734-647-8304
Redding, Matthew staff Epidemiology M5007 SPH II 734-936-1591
Richards, Julia faculty (profile) Epidemiology 229 WK Kellogg Eye Center
1000 Wall St
Rickard, Alexander faculty (profile) Epidemiology 5646 SPH I 734-615-8491
615-9064 (lab)
Rivera, Elvira staff Epidemiology 4641 SPH I 734-764-5415
Rork, Kristi staff Epidemiology 4669 SPH I 734-936-2587
Salzman, Elizabeth staff Epidemiology 5620 SPH I
Sanders, Wade staff Epidemiology 1919 Green St. #A120 734-763-2461
Sarma, Aruna faculty (profile) Epidemiology 1500 E Med Ctr Dr 734-763-7514
Schiller, Amy staff Epidemiology M5017 SPH II
Schottenfeld, David faculty (profile) Epidemiology
Shingledecker, Chris staff Epidemiology 4647 SPH I 734-764-7407
Shue, Jing staff Epidemiology 1919 Green Rd #A120 734-763-2461
Sinay, Grace staff Epidemiology 6610A SPH I 734-647-5336
Smith, Jennifer faculty (profile) Epidemiology 2631 SPH I 734-615-9455
Terrones, Shelia staff Epidemiology 5531 SPH II
Truscon, Rachel staff Epidemiology 5667 SPH I 734-764-5483
Villamor, Eduardo faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5055 SPH II 734-615-2198
Vydiswaran, Nivea staff Epidemiology 5622 SPH I
Wennstrom, Stacy staff Epidemiology M5009 SPH II 734-764-8775
Wilhelmi, Kate staff Epidemiology 4647 SPH I 734-615-7192
Wilson, Mark L faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5507 SPH II
2006 SPH I
Wylie, Robin staff Epidemiology 6638 SPH I 734-615-9575
Yang, Zhenhua faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5124 SPH II 734-763-4296
Yu, Miao staff Epidemiology 2669 SPH I 734-647-0206
Zellner, Jon faculty (profile) Epidemiology 2667 SPH I 734-647-9755
Zhao, Wei staff Epidemiology 2663 SPH I 734-936-0866

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