U-M SPH Faculty and Staff Directory

University of Michigan School of Public Health
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029
Telephone: (734) 764-5425

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Name Department Address Phone (734) E-mail Address
173 Total
Adar, Sara (profile) Epidemiology M5539 SPH II 734-615-9207
Almendarez, Elizabeth Epidemiology 4646 Corona Dr., Suite 155, Corpus Christi, TX
Alvarez, Jeaneva Epidemiology 4646 Corona Dr., Suite 155, Corpus Christi, TX
Arevalo, C. Pamela Epidemiology 4646 Corona Ste 155
Corpus Christi TX 78418
August, Ella T. (profile) Epidemiology M5240 SPH II
Babcock, Stacy Epidemiology 4667 SPH I 734-764-5435
Bakker, Kevin (profile) Epidemiology 2665 SPH I
Bakulski, Kelly (profile) Epidemiology 5511 SPH II
Bielak, Lawrence (profile) Epidemiology M5515 SPH II 734-647-4162
Boulton, Matthew (profile) Epidemiology M5208 SPH II 734-936-1623
Brouwer, Andrew (profile) Epidemiology 5073 SPH II
Burgard, Sarah (profile) Epidemiology 4142 LSA 734-615 9538
Buxton, Miatta (profile) Epidemiology M5009 SPH II 734-763-7862
Callear, Amy Epidemiology M5142 SPH II 734-615-8190
Campredon, Lora Epidemiology 5531 SPH II 734-763-2709
Capriola, Skylar Epidemiology M5132 SPH II
Carlson, Brad Epidemiology M5232 SPH II 734-763-2970
Case, Erin Epidemiology 2657 SPH I 734-764-2372
Charath, Maryanne Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Cheng, Caroline Epidemiology M5118 SPH II
Choi, Stephanie Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Chowdhury, Mahboob Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Cifor, Laura Epidemiology 4651 SPH I 734-615-9170
Civil, Yolaine Epidemiology M5212 SPH II
Clarke, Philippa (profile) Epidemiology 2661 SPH I
3330 ISR
Colston, David Epidemiology 2665 SPH I
Cox, Melinda Epidemiology 4646 Corona Dr., Suite 155, Corpus Christi, TX
Cronenwett, Anna Epidemiology M5112 SPH II 734-764-5462
Crowder, Abigail Epidemiology 2675 SPh I 734-615-9209
D'Souza, Jennifer Epidemiology M5525 SPH II
Davis, Bing Wang Epidemiology 1919 Green Rd #A120 734-647-0281
Dickens, Joseph Epidemiology 2665 SPH I
Dong, Liming (profile) Epidemiology 2671 SPH I 734-763-3645
Dou, John Epidemiology M5242 SPH II 734-763-2071
Dudley, Amanda Epidemiology M5158 SPH II
Duncker, William Epidemiology 4646 Corona Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 78411
Dushane, Natalie Epidemiology 4665 SPH I #3 734-763-2196
Eisenberg, Joseph (profile) Epidemiology 4659 SPH I
M5174 SPH II
Eisenberg, Marisa (profile) Epidemiology M5166 SPH II 734-763-2991
Eklund, Stephen A (profile) Epidemiology 734-647-0199
Elyse, Davis Epidemiology M5112 SPH II
Faraji, Maryam Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Fielding, Julie Epidemiology M5226 SPH II 734-764-8775
Firestone, Monica Epidemiology 2665 SPH I
Fleischer, Nancy (profile) Epidemiology 2649C SPH I 734-764-3644
Fligiel, Helene Epidemiology M1151 SPH I
Ford, Kathleen (profile) Epidemiology
Foxman, Betsy (profile) Epidemiology M5108 SPH II 734-764-5487
Francis, Nancy Epidemiology 4643 SPH I 734-763-0274
Fuller, Tracy Epidemiology 1600 Huron Parkway NCRC Bldg 300-304M
Gagnier, Joel (profile) Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
MedSport, Domino's Farms, 24 Frank Lloyd Wright D

Garcia, Yuliana Epidemiology 4646 Corona Dr., Suite 155, Corpus Christi, TX 734-361-853-1945
Getz, Amy Epidemiology M5118 SPH II
Gilbert, Julie Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Gilsdorf, Janet (profile) Epidemiology
Gilson, Maria Epidemiology 4653 SPH I 734-647-6474
Goforth, Kendra Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Gordon, Aubree (profile) Epidemiology 5622 SPH I 734-763-3580
Gray, Jody L Epidemiology 4655 SPH I 734-764-5454
Hacker, Kathrun Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Handal, Alexis (profile) Epidemiology 6622 SPH I 734-647-3957
Harlow, Sioban (profile) Epidemiology 6610B SPH I 734-763-5173
Harrison, Samantha Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Herkimer, Carol Epidemiology 1919 Green Road #A120 734-763-2461
Higgins, Millicent (profile) Epidemiology 252 Indian River Place 734-761-9608
Hirschtick, Jana (profile) Epidemiology 2679 SPH I
Hood, Michelle Epidemiology 6610 SPH I 734-647-0819
Howell, Catherine Epidemiology 4648 SPH I 734-615-8291
Iglesias Rios, Lisbeth Epidemiology 6634 SPH I
Jaffri, Mohammed Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Jeon, Jihyoun (profile) Epidemiology M5065 SPH II
Jimenez-Mendoza, Evelyn Epidemiology M5158 SPH II
Johnson, Emileigh Epidemiology 5667 SPH II 734-764-5483
Kaniclides, Anne Epidemiology M5052 SPH II 734-763-3428
Kaplan, George (profile) Epidemiology
Kardia, Sharon (profile) Epidemiology M5174 SPH II 734-764-4221
Karvonen-Gutierrez, Carrie (profile) Epidemiology 6618 SPH I 734-763-0571
Kennedy, Emily Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Kho, Minjung Epidemiology 2669 SPH I 734-647-0206
Kimberly, Armanda Epidemiology M5052 SPH II
Ko, Tung-Chun Epidemiology 1919 Green Road #A120 734-763-2461
Kobayashi, Lindsay (profile) Epidemiology 2661 SPH I 734-763-0322
Koopman, James S (profile) Epidemiology M5523 SPH II 734-763-5629
Kowalski-Dobson, Theresa Epidemiology M5232 SPH II
Kubale, John Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Kwicklis, Madeline Epidemiology 2665 SPH I 2029
Laskaris, Zoey Epidemiology 2649 SPH I 734-917-692-8720
Latifa, Bazzi Epidemiology M5118 SPH II
Latta, Krista Epidemiology 5622 SPH I
Lee, Anna Epidemiology M5212 SPH II
Lee, Gwenyth (profile) Epidemiology M5071 SPH II
Lisabeth, Lynda (profile) EPID / ADM 2649B SPH I 734-936-9649
Maier, Hannah Epidemiology 5622 SPH I
Malosh, Ryan (profile) Epidemiology M5134 SPH II 734-647-0092
Martin, Emily (profile) Epidemiology M5132 SPH II 734-647-4723
Martinez, Savannah Epidemiology 4646 Corona Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 78411
McAdory-Kim, Sara Epidemiology 5218 SPH II 734-647-5897
McConnell, Dan (profile) Epidemiology 6630 SPH I
1919 Green Rd #A120
McCullough, Kerry Epidemiology 6650 SPH I 734-763-0964
McGehee, Meredith Epidemiology 6610 SPH I 734-647-0819
McSpadden, Erin "EJ" Epidemiology M5142 SPH II 734-615-8190
Mendes de Leon, Carlos (profile) Epidemiology M5523 SPH II 734-615-2134
Meyers, Alyssa Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Meza Rodriguez, Rafael (profile) Epidemiology M5533 SPH II
Mezuk, Briana (profile) Epidemiology 2649B SPH I 734-615-9204
Mondul, Alison (profile) Epidemiology 4646 SPH I 734-764-3834
Monto, Arnold (profile) Epidemiology M5156 SPH II 734-764-5453
Morgan, Jillian Epidemiology M5216 SPH II 734-936-1590
Morgenstern, Hal (profile) Epidemiology M5164 SPH II 734-764-5214
Morgenstern, Lewis (profile) Epidemiology 1500 E Medical Center Drive
Mukerjee, Richa Epidemiology 2665 SPH I
Mularoni, Nicholas Epidemiology M5216 SPH II
Needham, Belinda (profile) Epidemiology 2663 SPH I 734-615-9228
Nichols, Emily Epidemiology M5052 SPH II
O'Neill, Marie (profile) EHS / EPID 6631 SPH I 734-615-5135
Olsen, Jessica Epidemiology M5015 SPH II 734-764-5436
Park, Sung Kyun (profile) Epidemiology M5541 SPH II 734-936-1719
Patel, Akash Epidemiology 2679 SPH I
Patel, May Epidemiology 5022 SPH I
Pearce, C Leigh (profile) Epidemiology 4642 SPH I 734-764-3835
Perng, Wei (profile) EPID / NUTR 1860 SPH I 734-647-0623
Person, Dominique Epidemiology 4647 SPH I 734-615-7192
Petrie, Joshua (profile) Epidemiology 5118 SPH II 734-647-9873
Peyser, Patricia A (profile) Epidemiology M5517 SPH II 734-763-4077
Pierre, Jr., James Epidemiology M1151 SPH I
Platt, Tevah Epidemiology 4614 SPH I
Power, Laura (profile) Epidemiology 5242 SPH II 734-647-5306
Priestley, Jill Epidemiology 1919 Green Road #A120 734-763-2461
Ratliff, Scott Epidemiology 2673 SPH I 734-647-8304
Redding, Matthew Epidemiology M5007 SPH II 734-936-1591
Reeves, Sarah (profile) Epidemiology 300 N Ingalls, Room 6D19
Richards, Julia (profile) Epidemiology 229 WK Kellogg Eye Center
1000 Wall St
Richards, Thomas Epidemiology 6620 SPH I
Rickard, Alexander (profile) Epidemiology 5646 SPH I 734-615-8491
615-9064 (lab)
Rivera, Elvira Epidemiology 4641 SPH I 734-764-5415
Rork, Kristi Epidemiology 4669 SPH I 734-936-2587
Sakrejda, Krzysztof Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Salzman, Elizabeth Epidemiology 5620 SPH I
Samantha, Korycinski Epidemiology M1151 SPH I
Sanders, Wade Epidemiology 1919 Green St. #A120 734-763-2461
Sarma, Aruna (profile) Epidemiology 1500 E Med Ctr Dr 734-763-7514
Schiller, Amy Epidemiology M5017 SPH II
Schottenfeld, David (profile) Epidemiology
Shingledecker, Chris Epidemiology 4647 SPH I 734-764-7407
Shue, Jing Epidemiology 1919 Green Rd #A120 734-763-2461
Sinay, Grace Epidemiology 6610A SPH I 734-647-5336
Slocum, Elizabeth Epidemiology 2665 SPH I
Smith, Jennifer (profile) Epidemiology 2631 SPH I 734-615-9455
Steffes, Kate Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Steven, Cook Epidemiology 2675 SPH I
Terrones, Shelia Epidemiology 5531 SPH II
Thomas, Lara Epidemiology 5626 SPH I 734-615-3253
Truscon, Rachel Epidemiology 5667 SPH I 734-764-5483
Tutino, Rebecca Epidemiology M5055 SPH II
Uruchima, Jessica Epidemiology M5018 SPH II
Usidame, Omobukola Epidemiology 2665 SPH I
VanEngen, Amanda Epidemiology M5018 SPH II
Villamor, Eduardo (profile) Epidemiology M5055 SPH II 734-615-2198
Vydiswaran, Nivea Epidemiology 5622 SPH I
Wagner, Abram (profile) Epidemiology M5234 SPH II 734-763-2330
Warsinske, Lauren Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Westrick, Ashly Epidemiology 2675 SPH I
Wieland, Garrett Epidemiology 4646 Corona Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 78411
Wilson, Mark L (profile) Epidemiology M5507 SPH II
2006 SPH I
Wines, Mary EPID / ADM 4665 SPH I
Wright, Nikolas Epidemiology 4646 Corona Drive, Suite 155, Corpus Christi, TX
Wylie, Robin Epidemiology 6638 SPH I 734-615-9575
Yang, Zhenhua (profile) Epidemiology M5124 SPH II 734-763-4296
Yi Zhe, Wang Epidemiology 2665 SPH I
Yu, Miao Epidemiology 2669 SPH I 734-647-0206
Zahid, MD Mondal Hasan Epidemiology 4665 SPH I
Zellner, Jon (profile) Epidemiology 2667 SPH I 734-647-9755
Zhao, Wei Epidemiology 2663 SPH I 734-936-0866

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