U-M SPH Faculty, Staff and Postdoctoral Fellow Directory

University of Michigan School of Public Health
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029
Telephone: (734) 764-5425

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Name Department Address Phone E-mail Address Type
66 Total
Babcock, Stacy Epidemiology 4667 SPH I 734-764-5435 staff
Bachoura, Stephanie Biostatistics M4331A SPH II staff
Baek, Jonggyu Biostatistics M4317C SPH II staff
Bahrenburg, Mariya Health Behavior & Health Education Working Remotely staff
Baker, Karla Office for Student Engagement and Practice 1702 SPH I staff
Bakulski, Kelly (profile) Epidemiology 5511 SPH II 734-615-5899 faculty
Baladandayuthapani, Veera Biostatistics 4622 SPH I 734-764-5702 faculty
Baldwin, Suzy Biostatistics M4242 SPH II staff
Ball, Sarah Nutritional Sciences 1844 SPH I 734-763-5482 staff
Banerjee, Kalins Biostatistics M4040E-2 SPH II post-doc
Banerjee, Mousumi (profile) Biostatistics M4150 SPH II 734-764-5451 faculty
Barker, Daniel Biostatistics M4017 SPH II 734-615-0089 staff
Barnes, Lonnie Biostatistics 3645 3.24 SPH I 734-763-1621 staff
Barnett, Sosha Health Behavior & Health Education HBHE Flint staff
Batterman, Stuart (profile) Environmental Health Sciences M6075 SPH II 734-763-2417 faculty
Bauer, Katherine (profile) Nutritional Sciences 3854 SPH I 734-763-2546 faculty
Baylin, Ana (profile) Nutritional Sciences 1858 SPH I 734-615-8478 faculty
Beck, Melissa Epidemiology M5212 SPH II 734-647-1120 staff
Bedi, Karan Biostatistics Working Remotely staff
Bednar, Rhiannon Epidemiology staff
Behnke, Julie Epidemiology 4444 Corona Drive, Suite 236, Corpus Christi, TX staff
Bell, Anita Epidemiology staff
Bell, Julia Health Behavior & Health Education Working Remotely staff
Bellile-Light, Emily Biostatistics M2030-28 SPH II 734-936-1984 staff
Benn, Carolina Epidemiology 4648 SPH I 734-764-2685 staff
Bernhardsson, Brenda Health Management & Policy M3134 SPH II 734-936-1307 staff
Berrios-Thomas, Saskia Environmental Health Sciences M6112 SPH II staff
Bertucci, Emily Biostatistics M4152 SPH II 734-764-7068 staff
Bielak, Lawrence (profile) Epidemiology M5515 SPH II 734-647-4162 faculty
Binder, Matt Media & Computing Services 7625 SPH I 734-763-4192
Birt, Isabelle Epidemiology M5118, SPH II staff
Blackwell, Thomas Biostatistics 4629 SPH I 734-936-0999 staff
Bladowski, Breanna Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-764-5425 staff
Blasco, Drew Health Behavior & Health Education 2814 SPH I post-doc
Boehm, Frederick (Fred) Biostatistics Working Remotely staff
Boehnke, Michael L (profile) Biostatistics M4108 SPH II 734-936-1001 faculty
Bolang, Christine Health Behavior & Health Education 3762 SPH I 734-764-9495 staff
Boley, Lesley Environmental Health Sciences 1415 Washington Heights
Bondarenko, Irina Biostatistics M2541 SPH II 734-936-9848 staff
Boonstra, Philip (profile) Biostatistics 4632 SPH I 734-615-1580 faculty
Borowicz, Lisa Biostatistics 1415 SPH I 734-936-3693 staff
Boufides, Colleen Healy Health Management & Policy M2232 SPH II 734-764-2089 staff
Boughton, Andrew Biostatistics Temp Cubicle SPH II 734-615-6833 staff
Boulton, Matthew (profile) EPID / ADM M5208 SPH II 734-936-1623 faculty
Bowman, F. DuBois (profile) Dean's Office 1822 SPH I 734-763-2876 faculty
Bradley, Patty Media & Computing Services 7625 SPH I 734-764-0300 staff
Bragg-Gresham, Jennifer Biostatistics 3631 SPH I 734-763-1611 staff
Branstrom, Rose Environmental Health Sciences M6240 SPH II 734-764-4345 staff
Brant, Ashley Biostatistics M2030 SPH II 734-615-6767 staff
Braun, Thomas (profile) Biostatistics M4063 SPH II 734-936-9844
Bridges, Dave (profile) Nutritional Sciences 1863 SPH I 734-764-1266 faculty
Brines, Elizabeth Health Behavior & Health Education Working Remotely staff
Brixius, Bjoern Environmental Health Sciences M7525 SPH II staff
Brooks, Cassandra Health Behavior & Health Education 400 N. Saginaw Suite 231
Flint MI 48502
734-810-239-2932 staff
Brouwer, Andrew (profile) Epidemiology 5073 SPH II faculty
Brown, Ally Health Behavior & Health Education Working Remotely staff
Brown, Morton B (profile) Biostatistics M4039 SPH II 734-936-0992 faculty
Brunton, Cora Biostatistics 3622 SPH I 734-763-1547 staff
Buchmueller, Thomas (profile) Health Management & Policy Ross School of Business
701 Tappan ER7611 1234
734-764-5933 faculty
Burgard, Sarah (profile) Epidemiology 4142 LSA 734-615 9538 faculty
Burke, Betsy Office of Development 1815 SPH I 734-647-7252 staff
Burns, Katrina Environmental Health Sciences 6645 Cube 17 SPH I 734-764-3188 student
Burr, Caitlin Epidemiology 4653 SPH I 734-763-2196 staff
Buswinka, Anna Epidemiology M5017, SPH II staff
Buszkiewicz, James Epidemiology 2677 SPH I faculty
Buxton, Miatta (profile) Epidemiology M5009 SPH II 734-763-7862 faculty

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