U-M SPH Faculty and Staff Directory

University of Michigan School of Public Health
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029
Telephone: (734) 764-5425

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Name Department Address Phone (734) E-mail Address
39 Total
Kaciroti, Niko faculty (profile) Biostatistics 300 N. Ingalls 734-763-9714
Kalbfleisch, Jack faculty (profile) Biostatistics 3667 SPH I 734-615-7067
Kaltsas, Elena staff Health Behavior & Health Education 2814 SPH I 734-764-4693
Kamdar, Neil staff Biostatistics 3645.3.15 SPH I 734-763-1622
Kang, Hyun Min faculty (profile) Biostatistics M4531 SPH II 734-647-1980
Kang, Jian faculty (profile) Biostatistics 3651 SPH I 734-763-1607
Kaniclides, Anne staff Epidemiology M5052 SPH II 734-763-3428
Kaplan, George faculty (profile) Epidemiology
Kardia, Sharon faculty (profile) Resource Planning and Management 4619A SPH I
1827 SPH I
Karvonen-Gutierrez, Carrie faculty (profile) Epidemiology 6618 SPH I 734-763-0571
Kasiborski, Michael staff Marketing & Communications 1790 SPH I 734-647-7253
Katz, Daniel staff Environmental Health Sciences 6645 Cube 1 SPH I 734-510-207-9928
Katz, Steven faculty (profile) HMP / Gen Med 300 NIB #NI7C27/0429 734-936-4787
Keast, Andrew staff Health Behavior & Health Education 400 N. Saginaw, Suite 231, Flint MI
Keene, Dawn staff Biostatistics M4242 SPH II 734-647-3944
Kelly, Collette staff Health Behavior & Health Education 400 N. Saginaw, Suite 231, Flint MI
Kennedy, Jim staff Resource Planning and Management G669 SPH I 734-936-6803
Kennedy, Sheela faculty (profile) Health Management & Policy M3047 SPH II 734-936-5344
Kerppola, Marianna staff Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship M1222 SPHII 734-763-3917
Kho, Minjung staff Epidemiology 4600 SPH I
Kidwell, Kelley faculty (profile) Biostatistics M2525 SPH II 734-764-6724
Killaly, Catherine staff Health Management & Policy 3611 SPH I 734-936-5556
Kilyanek, Brooke staff Biostatistics M2030-22 SPH II 734-936-1972
Kim, Myra faculty (profile) Biostatistics M3039 SPH II 734-936-0998
Kim, Sehee faculty (profile) Biostatistics M4533 SPH II 734-763-2942
King, Elizabeth faculty (profile) Health Behavior & Health Education 3842 SPH I 734-763-0673
Knill, Annie staff Office for Student Engagement and Practice 2722 SPH I 734-647-7705
Ko, Tung-Chun staff Epidemiology 1919 Green Road #A120 734-763-2461
Koel, Dani staff Office for Student Engagement and Practice 1730 SPH I 734-615-4308
Koman, Patricia staff Environmental Health Sciences M6112 SPH II 734-764-0552
Koopman, James S faculty (profile) Epidemiology M5523 SPH II 734-763-5629
Kornder, Clementine staff Environmental Health Sciences M6210 SPH II 734-936-6759
Koski, Jennifer staff Biostatistics M2030-01 SPH II 734-936-1081
Koski, Sylvia J staff Dean's Office 1826 SPH I 734-763-5454
Koslakiewicz, Sarah staff Health Behavior & Health Education 3800 SPH I
Kowalski, Theresa staff Health Behavior & Health Education 2851 SPH I 734-764-8176
Krause, Neal M faculty (profile) Health Behavior & Health Education Off Site
Kuick, Rork staff Biostatistics M4509 SPH II 734-936-9241
Kuo, Stanley staff Biostatistics M2030-25 SPH II 734-736-5333

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