A teen driving simulator

A biostatistics breakthrough: Using data to improve teen driving

In Michael Elliott’s line of work, numbers save lives. Elliott, professor of Biostatistics at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, is an expert in the art and science of collecting, interpreting and analyzing data. One of his most recent projects could help save lives of a particularly accident-prone population: young drivers.

From left to right, Justin Heinze, April Zeoli and Marc Zimmerman

Stopping the gun violence epidemic

Michigan Public Health has marshaled its resources to respond to this public health crisis

Michigan Public Health has marshaled its resources to respond to this public health crisis. Faculty with diverse research interests are studying the causes of gun violence, exploring various interventions to address the problem, and helping to shape public policies and programs designed to make Michigan schools and communities safer.

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The state of research

The commitment to public health begins right here in Michigan

The University of Michigan stands out as a premier public research institution and, within it, the School of Public Health is recognized as an epicenter of innovative research and excellence in education. Last year, Michigan Public Health topped $100 million in research expenditures, boasting the highest research expenditure per faculty member across the university.

Food growing from the soil

Food systems synergy

Exploring sustainable food systems with an interdisciplinary approach

The introductory course Foundations of Sustainable Food Systems explores the complexities and nuances of this topic, offering students all across the University of Michigan the ability to explore some of the interrelationships between core concepts within a food system, looking through the lenses of public health, environmental sustainability and the food policy process.

Dean F. DuBois Bowman

Uplifting residents, neighborhoods and communities throughout Michigan

Dean F. DuBois Bowman

The University of Michigan School of Public Health is working to uplift residents, neighborhoods and communities throughout Michigan. This takes many shapes, including a project to improve the workplace and living conditions for Michigan’s 96,000 migrant and seasonal farmworkers; research to quantify the impact of environmental exposures in our state on cancer risk; a pilot project to provide guaranteed monthly payments to individuals in Ann Arbor who have low incomes; and much more.

Kris Sarri scuba diving

Kris Sarri: Combating climate change with a policy pen

Kris Sarri, MPH ’97, exemplifies the University of Michigan mission of becoming leaders and best through her lifelong dedication to bettering the earth’s health through policy and action. Today, Sarri’s storied career is built upon two decades of work in Washington, DC, at the highest levels of the federal government.