A Journey of Community Engagement in San Antonio, Texas


Kaitlyn Bowie

1st Year MPH Health Behavior Health Education Candidate

As I prepare to embark on this new journey in San Antonio, Texas, I find myself reflecting on the significance of community and how we can amplify their voices throughout this process. As someone not native to this community, I am committed to approaching this experience with an open mind, free of any preconceived notions. This journey is an opportunity for profound learning, offering insights into the unique life experiences of individuals.

Throughout this process, one fundamental truth has become abundantly clear: those directly affected by the issues at hand are the true experts, harboring invaluable solutions. As students, our role is to facilitate the realization of these solutions.

I am genuinely excited about the hands-on nature of this experience and the prospect of actively engaging with various communities. This marks my inaugural foray into on-the-ground community work at this scale, and I eagerly anticipate witnessing the dynamics of the San Antonio community firsthand. Moreover, I am keen to delve deeper into the pivotal roles of community health workers, who serve as vital links between community members and healthcare professionals. Through our coursework, we have gained insight into the indispensable contributions of community health workers, tirelessly striving to deliver comprehensive care solutions from inception to completion.

As I contemplate the significance of our mission, I am motivated to fulfill my role with integrity and diligence. I deeply cherish this opportunity, recognizing that it is a privilege to translate theoretical knowledge into practical action. My goal is to ensure that our work resonates positively with community members and partners alike. I am eager to acquire invaluable skills through engagement with South Central AHEC and approach this experience with receptivity, ready to absorb a wealth of knowledge.

Texas, here I come!