Alexis Villafranca

Desde La Frontera

Alexis Villafranca, MHI Student

Alexis Villafranca recounts her experiences on the trip from the perspective of both student and RGV community member.


Roses, Thorns, and Rosebuds

Cayla Palmer, HBHE Student

At the end of the trip, HBHE student Cayla reflects on the highs, lows, and hopeful moments from her experience in Southeast Texas.

Mural at Harlingen Airport

The Power of Community

Cate Vreede, HBHE Student

Health Behavior and Health Education student Cate shares her insight into the community of the Rio Grande Valley.


Through the Halls

Kimberly Fox, EPID Student

After walking through the halls of a southern Texas high school, EPID student Kim Fox reflects on the impact of identity, youth culture, and attitudes toward mental health in the predominantly Hispanic-American community along the U.S.-Mexico border.