Kamara Gardner Blog 3

Keeping Faith in the Seeds That You Plant

Kamara Gardner

Kamara Gardner, 2nd Year, MPH Health Behavior Health Education Candidate, shares her last thoughts about the Grenada experience and how important the seeds that you plant will grow even after you're gone.


C(Hat)ch 'Em All

Cathy Nguyen

Cathy Nguyen, 2nd Year Master’s Student, shares her thoughts about the upcoming Public Health in Action trip to Grenada, and how she is looking forward to working with working with Grenada Red Cross Society (GRCS).


A Healthier Tallahatchie

Hanan Rakine

Hanan shares what she has learned throughout the Public Health in Action course.


Pre Departure Jitters

Meghann Lewis

Meghan shares her excitement going into the Public Health in Action trip to Mississippi.