rebecca bussa

Embarking On A New Journey

Rebecca Bussa

Rebecca Bussa, 2nd Year MPH Candidate, shares her personal experiences, and what she expects going in to the Public Health in Action trip to Mississippi.

Mississippi Bus

Learning About the Mississippi Delta

Huda Bashir

Huda Bashir, a MPP/MPH candidate, talks about the role structural determinants of health play in Mississippi, and more about what she will be working on during the Public Health in Action trip.

Marie working with water


Marie Kaniecki, Epidemiology Student

Marie hopes to gain perspective on public health practice in the U.S. Virgin Islands and expects to build on what she has learned from other PHAST projects.


Through the Halls

Kimberly Fox, EPID Student

After walking through the halls of a southern Texas high school, EPID student Kim Fox reflects on the impact of identity, youth culture, and attitudes toward mental health in the predominantly Hispanic-American community along the U.S.-Mexico border.