Transformative Tales From Grenada

Christopher Floyd

Christopher Floyd, a 2nd-year MPH, Global Health Epidemiology candidate, shares his thoughts after traveling to Grenada.

Pink flower in Grenada

Taking the Time to Find Meaning in Every Story

Allison Baumgartner

Allison Baumgartner, 1st Year, MPH, Global Epidemiology Candidate, reflects on her time in Grenada and shares the importance cross-cultural collaboration in public health.


Labor of Love

Jamie Fry

Jamie Fry, 2nd Year, MPH, Epidemiology candidate, shares her thoughts after deploying to Grenada and working with the Ministry of Social Development.


Community Engagement in Grenada

Soha Khedkar

Soha Khedhar, 3rd year, MBA, MPH, Health Behavior Health Education candidate shares her experience in Grenada as she worked with the Grenada Red Cross Society.