Games + Friends + Laughter = Self Care!


Vicky Wang

1st Year Health Informatics MHI Candidate

During this week in San Antonio, I had the unique opportunity to participate in a self-care-focused Loteria event with the South Central Area Health Education Center. Loteria, a type of bingo, was a central component of the gathering. However, this event was more than just a game to the community; it was a chance to connect with community members and share in the practices of gratitude and self-care. 

Many seniors from the neighborhood laughed and shared their experiences through crafts like a gratitude flower that highlights aspects of their lives that they are thankful for. The event was an important reminder that no matter our age, taking a moment to express gratitude can have a profound impact on our well-being and perspective.

My favorite memory came from when I spoke with a man who proudly wore a Cowboys hat at Loteria, sparking a funny conversation about our shared love for football. While he might not have been a fan of the Michigan Wolverines (which he did say was between the two of us), we found common ground in our passion for football. As we continued to talk, I was reminded that such events do more than promote self-care; they build bridges between different people, fostering a sense of community and mutual respect.