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Pink flower in Grenada

Taking the Time to Find Meaning in Every Story

Allison Baumgartner

Allison Baumgartner, 1st Year, MPH, Global Epidemiology Candidate, reflects on her time in Grenada and shares the importance cross-cultural collaboration in public health.

Wadad Itani

Learning Away From The Laptop

Wadad Itani

Wadad Itani, 2nd Year MPH, Health Behavior Health Education Candidate, shares what she learned from her experience in Grenada.

Tam Ngo

Thank you, Grenada

Tam Ngo

Tam Ngo, 2nd Year, Health Services Administration Candidate, reflects on her meaningful experiences in Grenada.

Munira Mohamed

An Unforgettable Experience in Grenada

Munira C Mohamed

Munira Mohamed, 2nd Year MPH Epidemiology Candidate, shares her experiences working with the Disabilities Affairs Unit in Grenada and what she learned about global public health research.

Mildred Wallace

Ode to Grenada: Thank You

Mildred Wallace

Mildred Wallace, 2nd Year General Epidemiology Candidate, reflects on her community-based public health experience in Grenada.