Health Disparities

Dania, her mother, and grandmother at Dania's preschool graduation, 2002

This is Home

Danie Harris, Undergraduate Public Health Student

Dania works on a project analyzing conditions affecting older adults in Coahoma County, Mississippi.

Mislael Valentin-Cortes

Structural Barriers to Behavioral Interventions: Public Health in Action at South Texas

Mislael Valentin-Cortes

As public health professionals, we often inform our interventions on the social determinants of health and how behavioral factors deeply influence health outcomes. However, it is important to keep in mind that behavior is, in large part, determined by the socioeconomic, cultural, and environmental conditions in which individuals live.

Tu Salud Si Cuenta

"The Importance of Culture"

Allante Moon

Every culture is significantly different in terms of what they eat, how they prepare their food, how often they exercise and more! It is not appropriate to disregard these important aspects of another culture when trying to implement various interventions.