Driven by a shared passion for affecting lasting change, the students and faculty of the Department of Health Behavior and Health Education work tirelessly in the pursuit of an equitable, healthy future for all. Turning theory and research into actionable practice, we develop interventions and innovations that promote health, prevent disease, and empower people to manage chronic illness and disabilities. Together, our academic community transforms the theoretical into the actionable, the science into the social, applying our knowledge to eliminate health disparities and impact lives for the better.

At Michigan Public Health, you’ll explore the psychosocial, biological, and ecological factors that influence behavior and health. You’ll go beyond the classroom to design and implement real-world health interventions that improve quality of life for populations locally and across the globe. Through comprehensive research experiences, innovative partnerships, and practical hands-on field work, you’ll build healthier communities alongside the people who live in them and help create enduring solutions to health challenges ethical, political, and sociocultural.

Pursue your calling. Join the world-class Health Behavior and Health Education Department at Michigan Public Health. With a range of degree options and an unshakeable optimism at the heart of all we do, we’re committed to developing not only exceptional students but agents of transformative change.

Get to Know HBHE 

HBHE and Epidemiology students Sandra Giaramahoro Coyne and Jelena Verkler interned at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Nutritional Sciences student Kate McManus and HBHE student Hadlee Garrison interned with Food Gatherers, a food rescue and food bank program serving Washtenaw County.

HBHE student Hannah Eck talks about her health communications internship for JOOL Health, and her passion for translating research for the general public. 

A student in Health Behavior and Health Education, Lauryn Lin was a perfect fit for her internship this summer at the Washtenaw County Health Department.

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