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Join the world-class Department of Health Behavior and Health Education. We are an intellectual community committed to developing exceptional students and agents of transformative change. Our students explore the psychosocial, biological, and ecological factors that influence behavior and health. Learning occurs in comprehensive research experiences, innovative partnerships, and practical hands-on field experiences. As a result, our students become effective in turning theory and research into practice. They apply their knowledge to develop evidence-based interventions to improve community health, prevent disease, achieve health equity, and empower populations across the globe.

Our students receive training that provides an in-depth understanding of the individual, community, and system-level determinants of health behaviors. They discover how to develop and evaluate health intervention programs grounded in behavior change theory and implementation science. They learn best practices for communicating with and motivating people about health. Empowered with this knowledge and skill set, our alumni work with partners to build healthier communities and to create enduring solutions to our biggest public health challenges.

Do you want to change the world to improve health? If so, pursue your calling at Michigan Public Health.

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Areas of Focus

Our multidisciplinary curriculum focuses on a breadth of areas, including:

  • Health Behavior over the Life Course
  • Health Equity
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Population Health
  • Health Communication
  • Community, Networks, and Ecological Practice
  • Research Methods

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Degrees & Programs 

The department of Health Behavior and Health Education offers four formal degree programs:



Student Stories

Health Education is really providing people the tools they need to become healthier and walking alongside with them in that journey.

–Lauryn Lin, Health Behavior and Health Education Student and Intern

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