Dual Degrees

The Department of Health Behavior & Health Education offers dual degrees both within Public Health as well as with other graduate programs across the University. Dual degrees provide students with the opportunity to complete two graduate degrees in a reduced amount of time in most cases. The decision to pursue a dual degree may be made prior to beginning a program of study or during the first year of a degree program. Dual degree programs lead to two different degree listings on the transcript and two separate diplomas. Dual degree options are:

  • Formal Dual Degree - A written agreement between two U-M schools. Multiple Dependent Degree Programs (MDDP) are created out of shared interest. MDDPs typically have a specified number of credits and courses required to complete both degrees.
  • Self-Initiated Dual Degree - Complete two degree programs based on student interests. Self-initiated dual degree programs are typically completed within 3 years. Please refer to the School of Public Health's Self-Initiated Dual Degree Policy for more information.
  • Dual degree candidates should also note that there is no guarantee or expectation that Health Behavior & Health Education Department Scholarship awards will align with financial awards from other University of Michigan units.

Health Behavior & Health Education's Dual Degree Options