Coronavirus Hits Home: How the Pandemic Impacts Housing and Health

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The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been damaging to the economy, and now many are finding that it’s also intensifying the existing shortcomings of housing and health in the United States as about 22 million people have lost their main sources of income. There’s also an even greater risk of spread of COVID-19 for those who don’t have the ability to “stay at home”. In this episode, Roshanak Mehdipanah, an assistant professor of Health Behavior and Health Educations at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, explains how the devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic is spreading further than the disease is transmitted and how federal aid for housing support may not be enough to prevent negative outcomes in housing for years to come.

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In This Episode

Roshanak MehdipanahRoshanak Mehdipanah

Assistant Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of Michigan School of Public Health

Dr. Mehdipanah's research focuses on urban health and health equity including urban renewal, planning, housing and gentrification. She’s led several projects on housing and health including health evaluations of housing policies on affordability and discrimination within the U.S.A. Dr. Mehdipanah is currently exploring the effects of the coronavirus pandemic at the intersection of housing and health. Learn more.


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