Digital Exclusion to Social Inclusion: Keeping Older Adults Engaged

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We all have some sense that the pandemic has had a particularly large toll on the elderly. But, in fact, the story of the pandemic among vulnerable older adults is a story of resilience. Many older adults have come through difficult times before, and in many cases, they are showing the rest of us how to make the best of these most difficult and unusual of circumstances. Still, older adults do have ongoing risks from the pandemic, including difficulties in accessing health care and medication, not to mention the negative effects of social isolation. In this episode, Mary Janevic, associate research scientist at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, helps us understand and appreciate the many ways the pandemic is affecting older adults.

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In This Episode

Mary JanevicMary Janevic, MPH, PhD

Associate Research Scientist, Health Behavior and Health Education

Mary Janevic is associate research scientist at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and a faculty member of the University of Michigan's Center for Managing Chronic Disease. Her work focuses on interventions to promote self-care among individuals with chronic pain and other chronic illness, particularly older adults and women. She also studies family support for chronic illness management, physical activity among individuals with chronic illness, and the effects of having multiple chronic conditions on self-care and health outcomes. Learn more.

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