Let's San Antonio-Go

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Emily Ann Kapins

1st Year, MPH, Health Behavior Health Education Student

As the end of the semester winds down, it’s hard to believe that our trip to San Antonio, Texas, is quickly approaching. Throughout the second half of the semester, I learned about the current information surrounding COVID-19 and what it takes to maintain a sustainable and respectful partnership with local community partners. I am grateful to have been accepted into the course and plan to be a respectful representative to uphold the relationship the University has worked hard to create. In Texas, I plan to work with South Central Area Health Education Center (AHEC) on the long-term effects of COVID-19 by creating asset maps for specific zip code areas in Bexar County. Although I am not sure what to expect, I know this will be a rewarding opportunity to work with my colleagues and provide meaningful work that can benefit the community. Furthermore, this opportunity will allow me to develop my professional and interpersonal skills while fostering memorable moments with my peers. On a personal level, I am also excited to explore the city’s history and cuisine as a first-time visitor.