Returning to my Home State as a Public Health Professional

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Isabella Marie Gow

Graduate, MPH in Health Behavior Health Education

Coming back to Texas is a full-circle moment for me. Almost two years ago, I moved to a different state nationwide to continue my education and pursue an MPH at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. I was completely different before moving to Michigan, with a burning passion for learning more about public health. Fast forward two years later, I graduated with my MPH in Health Behavior Health Education with a vast array of public health experiences, skills, and knowledge gained under my belt. I could not be more excited to return to Texas and briefly apply these skills and knowledge.

 My team and I will work on asset mapping and windshield tours in West San Antonio. We will be driving around Edgewood and observing the area, particularly looking at what types of resources are available to the community. For example, looking at their primary grocery store, if they have access to parks, the presence of fast-food restaurants, and many more! My robust attention to detail skills and being highly observant will be an asset to our team. I’m also looking forward to engaging with community members and gaining insight into their life in West San Antonio.

Visiting San Antonio will not be my first time as it is a common destination for my family and me to vacation during my childhood. My favorite thing about San Antonio is the culture and the food, like my hometown in South Texas. I’m looking forward to eating some authentic Texas BBQ, homemade Mexican street tacos, and Whataburger, a staple in most Texan’s diets! Aside from the food, I’m excited to experience/learn more about San Antonio through a public health lens.