Saying Goodbye to Grenada

Helen Xu Blog 3

Helen Xu

2nd Year Dual Degree, MHSA in HMP/MPH HBHE

Now that we’re back in the cold of Michigan, I’m missing our time in warm and sunny Grenada.
This past week was full of personal and professional growth as I explored new terrains and

Our final days were spent collating our information for a culminating presentation to show
findings to our Grenada Red Cross partners (GRCS). We were fortunate to have an abundance
of information collected from all our interviews with community, partners, the board of
directors, and volunteers. We conducted thematic analyses for each of these stakeholder
groups to identify patterns that will inform our model of engagement. We hope our strategies
can help GRCS with future planning and growth in Grenadian communities.

I am very proud of my team for all the work we were able to achieve in such a short time and
am so fortunate to have such wonderful team members. We learned to be flexible and adapted
to changing circumstances with coordination and support. Our public health backgrounds are
all different and getting to work on an interdisciplinary team was a very valuable experience.
Having different insights from each member created a holistic approach in creating our
interview guides, communicating with community, and shaping our recommendations for next

I am so grateful for the experience – meeting so many lovely Grenadians, learning about the
culture and history, and seeing so much of the beautiful island. Hoping to return soon!