The Anticipation of Grenada

Kyra Powers

Kyra Powers

MPH Candidate, Health Behavior and Health Education

As I begin to pack my bags, I am realizing how many feelings I am experiencing in anticipation of our trip to Grenada. Excitement, anxiousness, and eagerness are among the many emotions that are cycling through my brain.

Do I have everything I need? How early should I get to the airport? What if I get a middle seat on my long flight?

The preparation for this trip has been different from other excursions I have been on. It not only includes deciding the clothes I pack, but also a deep dive into the rich history of the country I am visiting. I have read articles, watched videos and analyzed important data about Grenada – the “isle of spice”. I have found that with this type of preparation comes a more intimate feeling of excitement for visiting. I want to smell the strong scent of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla in the air that I have read so much about. I cannot wait to try oil down and other national dishes unique to Grenada. I am enthusiastic about the idea of snorkeling to see the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park in St. George’s.

Yet, the part I am most excited about is working with an organization that is dedicated to serving the people of Grenada. I am eager to be taught and to learn from experts within the field of sexual and reproductive health. I hope to gather new perspectives of public health work on a broader scale and experience it all within a new country.

I have been reflecting on the excitement I feel to have my first out-of-the-country trip in over three years. I appreciate the opportunity to both travel and learn through the school of public health. I am honored that at the center of this trip is a shared value of health and wellbeing for all. Finally, I am thankful to be able to push myself out of my comfort zone and grow, not only as a public health practitioner, but as a person. So, although I am feeling a multitude of emotions leading up to our trip to Grenada, the one at the forefront is gratefulness.