Merging Education and Community Work


Wolfgang Bahr

Dual Degree MPH Health Behavior Health Education and Global Social Work Candidate

As I prepare to dive into a project focused on asthma awareness in San Antonio, Texas, my excitement is twofold: applying classroom knowledge in real-world settings and reconnecting with community health work. This project, aimed at enhancing community literacy and awareness around asthma, offers a unique opportunity for me to develop my professional skills through focus groups, key informant interviews, and asset mapping. I’m especially excited to develop these skills in a practical, real-world environment, thanks to the opportunity provided by the Public Health in Action Support Team (PHAST).

My previous role as a community health worker left me with fond memories and a deep appreciation for grassroots efforts in effecting change. Returning to this field, especially within a Spanish-speaking community that resonates with my Dominican Republic roots, feels like a homecoming. It's an opportunity to not only share my experiences but also learn from the vibrant communities and fellow community health workers in San Antonio. Additionally, it represents a fantastic opportunity to continue advancing towards my goal of achieving health equity for the Latinx community.

This journey is not just a professional one but a personal one of growth, connection, and meaningfully contributing to public health. I look forward to every challenge, learning opportunity, and the chance to make a tangible difference in the lives of those living in San Antonio. As I embark on this path, I hope to emerge not just as a better practitioner but as a more empathetic and impactful individual in our global community.

In the photo, I was a CHW working at Packard Health, initiating the Fresh-a-Sprouts outdoor food market program offering patients fresh fruits and vegetables. The goal was to bridge gaps for those who might otherwise lack access to fresh produce