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Snapshot of Global Public Health Internships

Yan Jing Phay photoLocation: Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
Organization: Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Tuen Mun

Student Name: Yan Jing Phay
Program: MPH, Nutritional Sciences

“I worked with public housing and interim housing residents in Hong Kong to understand how different social determinants affect their accessibility to healthy and nutritious food, and ultimately their health and well-being.” 

 Yizhou MaLocation: Tokyo, Japan
Organization: Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology 

Student Name: Yizhou Ma
Program: MPH, Health Management and Policy

“I analyzed how the employment policy affects health conditions in Japan to understand the population aging in Japanese society.”  

Christopher FloydLocation: Kakamega, Kenya
Organization: ECO2LIBRIUM

Student Name: Christopher Floyd
Program: MPH, Global Health Epidemiology  

“For my internship, I developed a validated climate risk questionnaire for measuring compound climate risks, adaptations, environmental health behaviors and outcomes in Western Kenya.” 

Darius MooreLocation: Kisumu, Kenya
Organization: Men Against AIDS Youth Group (MAAYGO)

Student Name:  Darius Moore
Program: MPH, Health Behavior and Health Education  

“For my internship, I created a preliminary LGBTQ+ sensitization manual for mental healthcare providers to help them provide safer and more affirming services to LGBTQ+ clients in Western Kenya”

Vincent Dolgikh photoLocation: North Macedonia
Organization: Subversive Front/Kvir Center

Student Name: Vincent Dolgikh
Program: MPH, Global Health Epidemiology

“Over the course of the summer I supported LGBTQ+ NGO's to assist in organizing events (such as the picture of me volunteering and DJing at the yearly Skopje pride festival), creating safe LGBTQ+ spaces, research on topics such as intimate partner violence and organizational development activities.'' 

Emy Guttman photoLocation: Medellin, Colombia
Organization: Platos Sin Fronteras

Student Name: Emy Guttman
Program: MPH, Nutritional Sciences  

“I spent my summer in Medellin, Colombia, working at Platos Sin Fronteras, a nutrition NGO dedicated to empowering communities in Santa Domingo and Moravia through education. My role involved promoting nutrition education and advocating the use of fresh, locally-sourced foods to foster healthy habits, generate economic opportunities, and drive positive transformations.” 

Marcus Spinelli da SilvaLocation: São Paulo, Brazil
Organization: University of São Paulo, School of Public Health

Student Name: Marcus Spinelli da Silva
Program: MPH, Global Health Epidemiology 

"During my internship I volunteered at the Center of Human Rights for LGBTQIA+ People, I was part of a Trans and Non-Binary Clinic and also collected a survey on Trans, Transvesti and Non-Binary Employability in São Paulo.” 

Holly Semma photoLocation: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Organization: Dubai Autism Center

Student Name:  Holly Semma
Program: MPH, Health Behavior and Health Education  

Holly Nicole Semma implemented a health promotion program at Dubai Autism Center dedicated for siblings supporting other siblings with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Kieu Anh PhanLocation: Hanoi, Vietnam
Organization: National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology 

Student Name: Kieu Anh Phan
Program: MHSA/MPH, Global Health Epidemiology  

"I learned more about how to translate and adapt concepts and instruments from the Western world to the local context, specifically on what climate change and sustainable food choices mean for young people in Vietnam." 

Helen XuLocation: Berlin, Germany
Organization: European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

Student Name: Helen Xu
Program: MHSA/MPH Candidate  

“I researched evolving healthcare financing structures in multiple Western European countries.  Organization: European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies."

Stephen Moss, MPH in HME , Rachael Brooks, MPH in GHE, Caroline Parker, MPH in GHE, Maysa Hasbrouck, MPH in OEE , Katie Winner, PhD/MPH in HME, Courtney Olson, MPH in GHE . Location: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Be’er Sheva, Israel
Organizations: Israel Ministry of Health, Sheba Medical Center, Ben Gurion University School of Public Health, 

Student Names: Stephen Moss, MPH in HME; Rachael Brooks, MPH in GHE; Caroline Parker, MPH in GHE; Maysa Hasbrouck, MPH in OEE; Katie Winner, PhD/MPH in HME; and Courtney Olson, MPH in GHE. 

We researched vaccines, waterborne diseases, antibiotic resistance in wildlife, PFOAs in well water, and sugar-sweetened beverage taxes with several projects resulting in publishable findings to inform future environmental and public health policies in Israel.

Jennifer CruzLocation: New Delhi, India
Organization: The George Institute for Global Health

Student name: Jennifer Cruz
Program: MPH, Global Health Epidemiology 

“I completed a data analysis with findings that could help reduce gender-based violence and cancer incidence in India.”