Program Activities

Pre-departure preparation includes training on child health equity, responsible conduct of research, culture, and history of host sites, working in developing countries, and project-specific preparatory activities.

Research participation that can include study design, data collection and analysis, interpretation or original data, reports, and presentations. Note: Due to COVID-19, it is uncertain whether participants will be able to travel to the foreign sites. However, if travel is not possible, the program will continue for 2022 in a remote version.

Post experience activities can include careeer guidance, facilitation of additional research placements, supervision of honors thesis, doctoral dissertations, and other programs of independent study, and assistance in preparing manuscripts and presentations.

**Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Trainees: In addition to the above mentioned activities, PhD and postdoctoral trainees must submit a research proposal for an additional project that must be completed alongside the site-specific project for which they were selected.