Research Training

Although conditions related to COVID-19 continue to improve, we cannot guarantee that host sites will be available during summer 2023.  We will continue to monitor the ability to travel, which is determined by the U.S. State Department and University of Michigan Provost's Office.

Trainees participating in MHRT will explore the research process through hands-on activities with global partners. The goal is to increase not only awareness of research, but to strengthen the trainee's competency and confidence in conducting research. In addition, trainees will explore health disparities within the U.S. and global context.

At each research-training site, trainees will have an orientation to the research setting, the local community, expectations of participation, etc. Trainees may be directly involved with data collection as well as other research activities that include participating in the regular routines of the research team/laboratory, which might include team/laboratory meetings, mentor one on one meetings, regular contact with the UM project supervisor. Trainees can spend one-half day/week on non-project related activities that advance their cultural understanding, topic development, and/or career exploration.

For the summer of 2023, MHRT will offer research projects in up to 9 countries, including one in Michigan. We continue to monitor whether travel will be feasible in 2023. If travel is not available, most sites will be able to offer remote internship opportunities.

View the countries below for descriptions of the sites and associated projects.