About Health Management & Policy

The Department of Health Management and Policy offers a variety of master's degrees related to healthcare and public health services, including several dual degree programs. We also offer a PhD program in Health Services Organization and Policy, which and prepares students for careers in research, teaching, and policy analysis.

Our multidisciplinary, integrated curriculum and world-renowned faculty help U-M's HMP program maintain its rating as the top master’s degree program in health management and policy in the United States.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Why Choose Michigan for HMP?
    Why should you choose the University of Michigan for your graduate education in Health Management and Policy?
  • Mission, Vision, and Values
    The values of integrity, excellence, learning, inclusiveness, collaboration, and equity define the work of the Department of Health Management and Policy.
  • Internships
    Experiential learning is a critical component of the HMP curriculum. Where do HMP students experience their internships? 

Academics and Research

  • Exceptional Faculty
    HMP has 24 full-time and 25 joint or adjunct faculty members with expertise in health economics, management, finance, law, operations, sociology, informatics, and medicine. They are actively engaged in research and industry nationally and internationally. 
  • Research Centers
    Our faculty are nationally recognized for their cutting-edge research on the major issues affecting health management and policy. In addition, there are three research centers housed at HMP, and a number of other centers and initiatives in which HMP collaborates.
  • Courses and Curriculum
    HMP sets the standard for innovation in graduate health management and policy education. The essence of our curriculum is its focus on both theoretical foundations and a set of core competencies that define professional excellence in health management and policy.

About HMP Graduates

  • Graduate Employment Survey
    This survey provides salary data, postgraduate activities and placements, employers, and job titles for 2010–2016 graduates.
  • Career Development
    HMP graduates are sought by diverse organizations that want to hire and develop promising professional talent. Many HMP students have offers of employment before they finish their last semester in the program. Ninety percent of our graduates have secured positions within three months of graduation.
  • Alumni 
    The HMP Alumni Association is one of the oldest and largest organizations of its type in the U.S., and alumni are a vital part of HMP. More than 4,000 alumni hold leadership positions throughout North America and around the world—living and working in all 50 states and more than 30 countries.

Our Graduates at a Glance

2-Year Program Completion Rate

  • 99% for Residential Master's (2015-2019)
  • 93% for Executive Master's

Residential Master's Graduates

  • 2019: 62
  • 2018: 66
  • 2017: 55
  • 2016: 53
  • 2015: 71
  • 2014: 87

Executive Master's Graduates

  • 2019: 21
  • 2018: 22
  • 2017: 24
  • 2016: 17
  • 2015: 15
  • 2014: 25

*Prior to those entering in 2013, the Executive Master's Program recruited students every other year.

Admissions & Demographic Data

Contact Information

HMP Faculty and Staff Directory

By E-mail: sph.inquiries@umich.edu

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