Upcoming Online Student Events

Population and Health Sciences Courses Spotlight

Thursday, May 9, 2024 @7pm ET | On Zoom

The Population and Health Sciences’ Courses Spotlight  is a session focused on exploring several online MPH core and elective courses. We'll be highlighting the invaluable skills they offer and their real-world applications.

Our panel of online MPH faculty members will dive into the courses they teach and what you can gain from graduate education in public health. Our instructors will briefly describe the courses they teach, outlining the key skills and knowledge students can expect to gain upon completion. They’ll also share real student experiences in applying these acquired skills to professional settings, providing invaluable insights into the practical application of our curriculum.

If you’re curious about how our courses translate into real-world success, this webinar will offer meaningful understanding that can help guide your next steps. 

Previous Events

Population and Health Sciences Faculty Spotlight

Watch the Recording | Held on March 24, 2024

What was this event about?  Our panel of online MPH faculty shared their passion for public health, personal stories, and cutting-edge research. Watch the recording and discover what excites them about the field and gain a deeper understanding of the journey that led them to the forefront of population health. 

The faculty panel was able to provide valuable insights to help attendees envision and plan for their online graduate student experience. 

The Population and Health Sciences Admitted Student Welcome- virtual event

Watch the recording | Held on March 13, 2024

What was this event about? The Population and Health Sciences Admitted Student Welcome session was an opportunity for admitted and enrolled students in online MPH degree program to begin to be further oriented with their program and build personal connections with staff, faculty, and peers as they make their enrollment decisions and/or before the start of their coursework.