Meet Our Students

The diverse student group that makes up the Population and Health Sciences  program has created a valuable and dynamic online network of peers to study with, work with, and learn from.

The current class of students includes a unique and dynamic group from across the United States. Students come from all different types of backgrounds, from recent graduates to physicians in the midst of a 30-year practice, nurses, researchers, fitness coaches, and medical scribes, to name a few, many of whom continue to work while pursuing their master's degree in Population and Health Sciences online.

Our students have busy schedules and the online format gives these professionals, caregivers, and achievers the flexibility to live, work, and study whenever and wherever they are. Online students have been excited to share their real stories as they make their way through the program. Read more about them below, you might find that their stories are not that different from your own.

Applauding Our First Graduating Class

In April 2021, we celebrated the accomplishments of the first-ever Population and Health Sciences graduating cohort. Our faculty reflects on the journey of this vanguard class of online master's students in the video below.