Financial Considerations

Program Costs

fees   Michigan Resident  Non-Michigan Resident
One Time Fees -- --
 UMSPH Supplemental fee  $75 $75 
 SOPHAS Application fee  $135  $135
Per Term Fees  -- -- 
 Mandatory University fees  $164.19  $164.19
 1st credit hour (includes infrastructure maintenance fee)  $1,145  $1,245
Additional Credit hours  $960 x # of credit hours taken in term  $1060 x # of credit hours taken in term

*costs listed based on Fall 2019 fees

The tuition rate for Michigan residents is $1,145 for the first credit hour and $960 per additional hour. The rate for non-residents is $1,245 for the first credit hour and $1,060 per additional hour. Tuition and fees are updated and posted by the Office of the Registrar. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice by the Regents of the University. The Office of the Registrar maintains the master publication of these rates. The first hour amount includes the Infrastructure Maintenance Fee; our students are currently exempt from the Health Services Fee.

You won’t be billed upfront for the whole degree. Instead, you’ll pay as you go: each time you take a course, you’ll pay the tuition just for that course. If you need to take a term off you won’t be charged until you restart your courses. 

Other Fees Include: Application fees - a base SOPHAS fee of $135, and an additional UMSPH supplemental fee of $75, for a total of $210. Fee waivers are available for eligible applicants. Learn more.

Financial Aid

Like applicants to residential programs at the University of Michigan, we encourage applicants to our online program to submit their FAFSA as soon as possible. Submitting your FAFSA and designating the University of Michigan as a college of choice will allow our Office of Financial Aid to calculate a financial package if you are admitted. All need-based financial aid is coordinated through the Office of Financial Aid.

Review sources of funding and other financial resources for Graduate Students of the School of Public health on our Tuition and Financial Aid page.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement Programs

Many of our students are currently employed and benefit from tuition reimbursement through their employers. If you need any documentation from the University of Michigan to support this process with your employer, please reach out to

Office of Financial Aid Identity Verification forms

While you will not be physically present on campus while attaining you credential, the federal government requires that you verify your identity and confirm the Statement of Educational Purpose. OFA handles this process for the entire University of Michigan. You only need to complete this step if you are accepting your offer of admission.