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Dany Zemmel


Finding New Passions in Public Health Outside the Classroom

Dany Zemmel

While studying occupational and environmental epidemiology, master's student Dany Zemmel has contributed greatly to another area of public health studies—health equity through food access. Collaborating with peers to grow a food security initiative that benefits students on campus, she has expanded her skills in the field of public health while making an impact on her local community. Read more

Taryn Gal

Sex, Public Health, and Being Human

Taryn Gal, MPH ’07

Working alongside young people as executive director of the Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health, alum Taryn Gal and her team help ensure young people have access to sexual health services and sexual health education. And she reminds us that we all have a stake in sexual health. Read more

Delaney Preston, Aerospace Medical Technician

A Vanguard of Online Public Health: Military Medic Aims for More

Delaney Preston

When Delaney Preston realized she wanted to pursue public health, she worried that meant she’d have to leave her career behind. But thanks to Michigan’s online MPH program, she didn’t have to. Read more

Katherine Hoffman

Discovering Biostatistics and Its Broad Applications

Katherine Hoffman, MS ’18

Katherine Hoffman was drawn to medicine and health care from a young age. When she realized that biostatistics would let her engage any other field in the health sciences, she decided to pursue it in graduate school and now loves to share the many ways a career in biostatistics can unfold. Read more