LGBT Health

Taryn Gal

Sex, Public Health, and Being Human

Taryn Gal, MPH ’07

Working alongside young people as executive director of the Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health, alum Taryn Gal and her team help ensure young people have access to sexual health services and sexual health education. And she reminds us that we all have a stake in sexual health. Read more

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Honoring the Legacies of Those She Loves

Carmelita Perrien Naccarato

Growing up, bachelor's student Carmelita Perrien Naccarato was surrounded by the untimely deaths of family members. But their stories became one of the driving forces behind her interest in health. Now at Michigan Public Health, honoring the legacy of those she loves inspires her pursuit of public health. Read more

Emily Youatt

Those Who Can, Teach Public Health

Emily Youatt

The surge in studying public health is about public health’s own values. Students want to give back to their communities, to contribute. Promoting and improving population health is a rewarding goal and a career path. Read more

Kristefer Stojanovski

Kristefer Stojanovski

Kristefer Stojanovski

I was Pre-Med in undergrad. I was all set to go to medical school. But then I took a public health class the first semester of my senior year at Michigan. It oriented me to looking at things through a different lens. Read more