Back on Campus: Michigan’s Student Leaders

Cafe, University of Michigan School of Public Health

Above. Michigan Public Health students make their way from the cafe to their next engagement during orientation in August. Photo by Peter Smith

What a joy it has been to welcome students back to the school!

They led us through the lockdown phase of the pandemic with positive attitudes, exemplary flexibility, and an intense work ethic. They are leading us now as we return to hybrid forms of teaching, learning, and research. They wear masks and know why they do so. They even leave them on once they’re outside, because they don’t want to cut short the great conversation they’re having with their colleagues.

Whether finishing up years of study or taking the first steps across the intersection of Washington Heights and Observatory Street, they are here because of their passion for your health and my health. The skills they develop, the work they do, and the decisions they make will affect our health next month, next semester, and for years to come.

Greetings from Ann Arbor


In the courtyard, Michigan Public Health students—Clara Matson, Maya Barnes, Margaret Ebinger, Amira Haidar, Penny Yang, and Hanan Rakine—celebrate their arrival on campus during orientation in August. Photo by Peter Smith

Back on the Heights

Back on the heights

Alexander Rickard, associate professor of Epidemiology, in front of the school with first-year students in the Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology program. This was the very first orientation session this academic year, making it the first day of residential life at the school in over a year and a half.

From left to right are (back row) Jacqueline Richardson, Briana Bowen, Hsin-Hui Hua, Amanda Hagedorn, Trenton Behunin, (middle row) Alex Rickard, Chelsie Rowland, Zainab Hassan, Hailey Blinkiewicz, (front row) Shuwei Cai, and Emily Hawker. Photo by Peter Smith.

After a Thousand Zooms

Orientation HBHE

Health Behavior and Health Education (HBHE) students—(l-r) Jordan Fisher, Vishaka Kalra, Breann Edwards, Brandon Bond, Jenna Chami, and Mary Grace Fries—connect for the first time in person after a year of virtual learning. Photo by Brian Lilllie.