From Classroom to Community: Embarking on a Public Health Journey San Antonio


Hosen Arman

1st Year Environmental Health Sciences Candidate

From Classroom to Community: Embarking on a Public Health Journey in San Antonio

As we get close to our much-awaited field trip to San Antonio, I am filled with a thrilling sense of expectancy. The vibrant city, rich in history and diversity, awaits our exploration and promises a real-world canvas for our Public Health in Action course. In this initial blog post, I want to share my feelings before we start our learning trip. I'm really excited, curious, and thinking a lot about what's ahead. I believe this journey is going to change us in great ways.

San Antonio, a city with a unique cultural tapestry, presents an intricate public health landscape. I am particularly eager to observe the intersection of public health with the area's socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural facets. As we work on developing targeted messaging around asthma based on each community’s needs, I am keen to learn from the resilience and triumphs of community members as they navigate their health journeys. This trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness public health policy in action, something textbooks or classrooms can only graze the surface of.

On a more personal note, I hope to uncover new depths in my approach to learning and adaptability in the field. I am curious to see how I will respond to real-world public health scenarios and what this will reveal about my strengths, areas for growth, and passion within the field. I am ready to be shaped by this experience, to grow as a public health advocate, and to contribute in a small but meaningful way to the communities we will serve.

As I pack my bags and prepare to join my classmates on this educational adventure, I carry with me an open heart and mind, ready to absorb every lesson and moment of inspiration. For me, it is a preparation for my next Global Health trip in Bangladesh. While the context is different, this trip will equip me with the knowledge to work with community members for a shared goal. San Antonio, with all its complexities and charms, is more than a destination; it is a classroom without walls, where the lessons will last far beyond our return.