Southern Bound: Bexar County


Merna Mikha

A Senior in the Undergraduate Public Health science Program

Hello, my name is Merna Mikha, and I'm currently a senior in the Undergraduate Public Health Science program. As part of our curriculum, we're gearing up for an exciting trip to Bexar County in San Antonio, Texas. I'm genuinely looking forward to this experience, as it presents an invaluable opportunity to engage directly with the local community and delve deeper into public health issues, particularly asthma awareness.

Embarking on this journey fills me with anticipation. While I've never ventured to the South before, my curiosity is piqued, especially as I'm eager to immerse myself in the unique culture and social fabric of San Antonio. Despite my lack of firsthand experience in the region, I do love country music, so I'm very excited to experience that in Texas!

I've taken many public health classes in my undergraduate years, gaining invaluable insights into the importance of cultural humility and its profound impact on health outcomes. Through these classes, I've come to appreciate the intricate interplay between culture, healthcare practices, and community well-being. Now, I am excited to apply these tools that I've learned into real life, as experience is the best way to learn. This trip presents the perfect opportunity to put theory into practice and witness firsthand how cultural humility can shape effective public health interventions.

As I eagerly anticipate our upcoming trip to Bexar County, I can't help but wonder about any unexpected surprises that may arise along the way. Being a planner at heart, I prefer having things mapped out, but I'm also open to the adventure and challenges that come with navigating new territory and addressing complex public health issues. While there may be some bumps in the road, I'm confident in our ability to handle them with adaptability and resilience. This journey represents not only an opportunity for personal and professional growth but also a chance to make a meaningful difference in the community!