Global Heartbeats: Meng's Cultural Symphony in Public Health


Meng Sun

2nd Year MPH Health Management and Policy Candidate

Hey there! My name is Meng (Naomi) Sun. I am thrilled to share my upcoming experience in Grenada which will undoubtedly add significant value into my career in Global Public Health. Our team will be collaborating with the Ministry of Social Development, Housing, and Gender Affairs through the Dementia and Alzheimer’s Training Program . I'm in my second year of pursuing an MPH degree, focusing on Health Management and Policy. 

Having grown up in East Asia, in China, I've encountered diverse cultures and have treasured every interaction with a broad range of populations. Now, I'm excited to engage with Grenadians to see how my culture background and work pattern blend with theirs. This exciting interplay of different cultures could offer valuable lessons, enhancing the richness of my professional narrative. 

As I await my journey, I am embracing my excitement while delving deep into public health literature reviews in Caribbean countries. We are preparing to really get a handle on how their public health systems operate and dissect the effectiveness of their local Dementia and Alzheimer’s health policies. The internet has been a significant aid in our research, but its data can be outdated as our world constantly evolves. Therefore, we expect to gain more accurate insights from three focus groups to inform adaptations for further policy and system development. 

Beyond this scholarly adventure, there's the thrilling prospect of being part of a diverse group and embarking on a cultural exploration. We're not just focusing on our Dementia and Alzheimer’s project but immersing ourselves in a vibrant learning environment - the place we've been studying remotely for a while. We're ready to engage with the locals and get a firsthand feel of the place. 

By getting into the rich tapestry of local experiences and firsthand knowledge, I'm broadening my horizons. My ultimate career goal is to work on health systems and policy implementations in Africa,South Africa, East Asia, or Latin America, and every meaningful encounter guides me closer to this aspiration. 

Just think of the wisdom gleaned from interacting with different cultures. This isn't merely a step in my career; it's a life-changing learning experience that will undoubtedly shape my future in the public health sector. 

So, get ready, world. I'm warming up for my part in this global stage experience!