Mother's Day in Texas

Wadad Itani final blog

Wadad Itani

2nd Year MPH Health Behavior Health Education Student

As we prepare to depart the San Antonio airport on this Mother’s Day, I am reflecting on our public health practice trip to Texas. This trip has been a valuable learning experience for me because it has helped me identify the skills that I find useful and wish to improve on.  

As a mother, I have known for a while now that these skills are just as important as formal degrees to accomplish the task. I believe that mothers who have been out of the workforce should be given a fair chance to shine based on the skills they have honed through motherhood.  Their perspectives and experiences are critical to fostering a positive and successful group environment. 

One example I want to highlight is team building. Because it takes the time to build these relationships, being able to create a respectful, supportive, and understanding environment is beneficial for the future. By knowing the skills and needs of my team members, tasks were then divided so that each team member's strengths were recognized without overwhelming anyone. Mothers naturally develop this skill by recognizing that rushing their children to complete tasks is often counterproductive, in comparison to taking the time to reflect and adapt to their children's needs which is more effective. 

Task prioritization, time management, and flexibility are other skills that mothers possess, honed through managing the never-ending list that comes with motherhood. These skills are highly beneficial in group work and have helped me manage the stress of overwhelming moments by having a clear plan to tackle these tasks and create a backup plan if needed.

Lastly, I want to emphasize the skill of gratitude. As a mother, I know firsthand the importance of appreciating the support we receive. I am grateful for this opportunity, my amazing team who restored my faith in group work, and my family who supported me.

On this Mother's Day, I want to celebrate all moms and acknowledge the value of the skills they bring to any work environment.