H.S.O.P. Job Market Candidates


Operations Research & Decision Science

Political Science

Sociology & Organizational Studies

Jason GibbonsJason Gibbons (PhD expected Spring, 2021)
Contact Info:  jbgib@umich.edu   
Research Interests: Health Economics, Industrial Organization, Pharmaceutical Industry, Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders, Health Care Finance, Big Data & Machine Learning

Dissertation Committee: Edward Norton (chair), Jeff McCullough, Kara Zivin, Zach Brown (cognate)
Job Market Paper: Forthcoming
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Huey-Fen ChenHuey-Fen Chen (PhD expected Spring, 2021)
Contact Info:  hfenchen@umich.edu   
Research Interests: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, Health Technology Assessment, Medical Decision Making, Vaccination Policy

Dissertation Committee: Lisa Prosser (chair), David Hutton, Melissa Cousinho, Mariel Lavieri (cognate)
Job Market Paper: Forthcoming
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Tran DoanTran Doan (PhD expected Spring, 2021)
Contact Info:  trandoan@umich.edu   
Research Interests: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and Decisions Science, Health Disparities, Minority Health, Social Determinants of Health and Data Visualization

Dissertation Committee: Lisa Prosser (chair), David Hutton, Davene Wright, Melissa DeJonckheere (cognate)
Job Market Paper: Forthcoming
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Michelle Falkenbach Michelle Falkenbach (PhD expected Spring, 2021)
Contact Info:  michfalk@umich.edu   
Research Interests: Europe, Health Policies, Partisanship, Health Systems and Mental Health

Dissertation Committee: Scott Greer (chair), Holly Jarman, Alexandre Afonso, Mark Tessler (cognate)
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Brad IottBrady Iott (PhD expected Spring, 2021)
Contact Info:  biott@umich.edu   
Research Interests: Insurance Benefit Design, Price Transparency, Consumer Decision Making

Dissertation Committee: Denise Anthony (chair), Daniel Lee, Tiffany Veinot, Mark Ackerman (cognate)
Job Market Paper: Forthcoming
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Daniel ThielDaniel Thiel (PhD expected Spring, 2021)
Contact Info:  dbthiel@umich.edu   
Research Interests: Gene Editing (CRISPR-Cas9), Ethical Legal and Social Issues (ELSI) in Genomics, Health Disparities, Critical Theory and Public Health

Dissertation Committee: Holly Jarman (co-chair), Rachel Best (co-chair), Melissa Creary, Sharon Kardia, Sarah Burgard (cognate)
Job Market Paper: Forthcoming
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