H.S.O.P. Job Market Candidates


Sociology & Organizational Studies

Jun LiJun Li (PhD expected Spring, 2020)
Contact Info:  lijununi@umich.edu   
Research Interests: Health economics, long-term care, home health care, health care report cards, pay-for- performance, health insurance reimbursement design, health care disparities

  • Dissertation title: Three Essays on Medicare Health Care Reforms in Home Health Care
  • Dissertation Committee: Edward Norton (Chair), Charlie Brown, Andy Ryan, Jeff McCullough
  • Job Market Paper: Value-based payments in health care: Evidence from a nationwide randomized experiment in the home health sector
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Brady PostBrady Post (PhD expected Spring, 2020)
Contact Info:  postb@umich.edu
Research Interests: Hospital-Physician integration, health care organizations and strategy, health care quality, Medicare payment policy, rural health, big data

  • Dissertation Title: Hospital-Physician Integration: Relationship with Medicare Payment Policy and Effects on Physician Productivity, Medicare Access, and Upcoding of Patient Severity Codes
  • Dissertation Committee: Andy Ryan (Chair), Edward Norton, Thomas Buchmueller, Brent Hollenbeck
  • Job Market Paper: Health Care Productivity under Hospital-Physician Vertical Integration
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Leah AbramsLeah Abrams (PhD expected Spring, 2020)
Contact Info: lrabrams@umich.edu
Research Interests: Social epidemiology, health equity, aging, work/retirement, mental health, chronic disease management, health policy

  • Dissertation Title: Depressive symptoms in late life: the role of sociodemographic factors, retirement timing, and post-acute care
  • Dissertation Committee: Neil Mehta (Chair), Daniel Eisenberg, Geoffrey Hoffman, Philippa Clarke
  • Job Market Paper: The Great Recession and American’s retirement timing: Unmet expectations about work at age 62 and subsequent depressive symptoms
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Maria Joachim (PhD expected Winter 2020)
Contact Info:  mjoachim@umich.edu
Research Interests: Global health, Health system reform, Organizational behavior, Public-private partnerships, Pockets of effectiveness, Political economy of health system reform, Quality, Regulation, Sustainability

  • Dissertation Title: What factors influence the implementation of Public Private Partnerships for healthcare delivery in low- and middle-income countries? The case of a Brazilian healthcare public private partnership
  • Dissertation Committee: Scott Greer (Chair), Jody Lori, Denise Anthony, Holly Jarman, Elize Massard da Fonseca
  • Job Market Paper: What factors influence the implementation of Public-Private Partnerships for Health Care Delivery in Low- and Middle-Income Countries? Getting Inside the Management Box
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Minakshi RajMinakshi Raj (PhD expected Spring, 2020)
Contact Info: miraj@umich.edu
Research Interests: Organizational behavior, Aging and caregiving, Patient decision-making and communication, Health information technology, Ethical and social implications of learning health systems. My research so far includes studying the role of trust in healthcare interactions such as between patients, providers, and health information technology. My dissertation work will study patient, caregiver, and provider perspectives on geriatric care in the U.S.

  • Dissertation Title: Meeting the needs of an aging population: Older adult, family caregiver, and medical trainee perspectives on geriatric care
  • Dissertation Committee: Daniel Lee (Chair), Denise Anthony, James Fitzgerald, Jodyn Platt
  • Job Market Paper: Meeting the needs of an aging population: Examining older adults perceived value of geriatric care
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Minakshi RajSasha Zhou (PhD expected Spring, 2020)
Contact Info: sashaz@umich.edu
Research Interests: Mental health and service utilization from a sociological and public health perspective, Race and ethnic disparities in college student mental health, Help-seeking and treatment barriers of marginalized populations at a domestic and international level, Policy- and practice-relevant applications of health disparities research


  • Dissertation Title: Breaking the silence: Institutional and identity influences on mental health and treatment utilization among Asian Pacific Islander Students
  • Dissertation Committee: Daniel Eisenberg (Chair), Melissa Creary, Denise Anthony, Daphne Watkins
  • Job Market Paper: Asian Pacific Islander mental health treatment disparities: Examining the role of institutional and identity factors 
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