H.S.O.P. Job Market Candidates


Decision Science and Operations Research

Sociology & Organizational Studies

Political Science

Betsy CliffBetsy Cliff (Ph.D. expected Spring, 2019)
Contact Info:  bqcliff@umich.edu    Twitter: @betsyqcliff
Research Interests: Insurance benefit design, price transparency, consumer decision making

Zachary LevinsonZachary Levinson (Ph.D. expected Spring, 2019)
Contact Info:  zmlevins@umich.edu
Research Interests: I am a health economist with a primary focus on researching the efficiency and equity consequences of Medicare policy reforms.  I also have more general resarch experience and interest in health insurance, managed competition, access to care, and health disparity topics.

  • Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Managed Care and Dual Eligibles
  • Dissertation Committee: Richard Hirth (co-Chair), Edward Norton (co-Chair), Thomas Buchmueller, Martha Bailey
  • Job Market Paper: Dual Advantage or Twice the Burden?  The Effect on Dual Eligibles of Providing Medicare Benefits Through Private Plans
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Sunny LinSunny C. Lin (Ph.D. expected Summer, 2019) 
Contact Info: sunnylin@umich.edu
Research Interests: My research focuses on the role of health information technology in improving care coordination across the health delivery systems.  I use novel analytic approaches to understand how state and federal policies, community resources, and payment incentives interact to influence health information technology use and patient care.  My dissertation examines the impact of alternative payment models on care coordination, specifically its impact on health information exchange, patient sharing networks, and patient experience of care transitions.

  • Dissertation Title: The Impact of Alternative Payment Models on Inter-Ogranizational Care Coordination, the Role of Health Information Exchange and Patient Sharing Networks
  • Dissertation Committee: Andrew Ryan (Chair), Julia Adler-Milstein, John Hollingsworth, Russell Funk, Shoou-Yih Daniel Lee
  • Job Market Paper:  Alternative Payment Models and Hospital Health Information Exchange
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Ruoyan SunRuoyan Sun (Ph.D. expected Spring, 2019)
Contact Info:  sunry@umich.edu
Research Interests: Agent-based modeling; complex systems; health economics; social network; socially contagious behaviors

  • Dissertation Title: Interaction between smoking and obesity: implication for public health policies
  • Dissertation Committee: David Mendez (Chair), Carl Simon, Edward Norton, Katherine Bauer
  • Job Market Paper: Evaluating the impact of tobacco policies on the obesity rate using agent-based models (tentative)
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Charley WillisonCharley Willison (Ph.D. expected Spring, 2019)
Contact Info: cwilliso@umich.edu
Research Interests: Health politics; health policy; intergovernmental relations; social determinants of health; housing as healthcare; health disparities; at-risk populations

  • Dissertation Title: Down and Out in the United States: the Politics of Homelessness in U.S. Cities
  • Dissertation Committee: Scott Greer (co-Chair), Holly Jarman (co-Chair), Nicolas Bagley, Rebecca Haffajee, Charles Shipan
  • Job Market Paper: Housing as Healthcare: Understanding the Landscape in Policy and Practice
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