H.S.O.P. Job Market Candidates


Emily LawtonEmily Lawton (PhD expected Spring 2023)
Contact: ejlawton@umich.edu   
Research interests:  Health economics, payment policy design, financial incentives, quality of care, public reporting
Dissertation committee: Edward Norton (chair), Charlie Brown (cognate), Andy Ryan, Rich Hirth

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Susan ParkerSusan Parker (PhD expected Spring 2023)
Contact: parkerst@umich.edu   
Research interests: Gun violence reduction, firearms policy, health economics, machine learning applications
Dissertation committee: Edward Norton (co-chair), Jeffrey McCullough (co-chair), Sarah Heller (cognate), Philip Cook

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Operations Research & Decision Science

Ellen Kim DeLucaEllen Kim DeLuca (PhD expected Spring 2023)
Contact: ekdeluca@umich.edu   
Research interests: Cost-effectiveness, women's health, maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health, ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) of genomics
Dissertation committee: Lisa Prosser (chair), Scott Roberts (cognate), David Hutton, Kim Dalziel

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Political Science 

Karalyn Kiessling

Karalyn Kiessling (PhD expected Spring, 2023)
Contact: kiessli@umich.edu
Research interests: Behavioral health policy, tobacco control, substance use, local and state policy, qualitative and mixed methods

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Amanda Mauri

Amanda Mauri (PhD expected Spring 2023)
Contact: amauri@umich.edu
Research interests: Firearm violence, behavioral health policy, federalism, state politics

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Sarah Rozenblum

Sarah Rozenblum (PhD expected Spring 2023)
Contact: srozen@umich.edu
Research interests: Medical device regulation, health information technologies, comparative health law and politics (EU/USA)
Dissertation committee: Scott Greer (co-chair), Holly Jarman (co-chair), Robert Mickey (cognate), Charles Shipan, Henri Bergeron

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Sociology & Organizational Studies

Kimson JohnsonKimson Johnson (PhD expected Spring 2023)
: brykimso@umich.edu
Research interests: Aging, long-term care, healthcare decision making, racial/ethnic health disparities, social determinants of health, population health, health equity, comparative analysis

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Maria Carabello

Maria Carabello (PhD expected Spring 2023)
Contact: mcarabel@umich.edu   
Research interests: Population health, social demography, health disparities, medical sociology, immigration, social policy, food studies, aging and the life course 

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Paige NongPaige Nong (PhD expected Spring 2023)
Contact: ptassie@umich.edu
Research interests: Health information technology, biomedical informatics and learning health systems, health equity, medicaid, healthcare decision making 
Dissertation committee: Jodyn Platt (chair), Sharon Kardia (cognate), Julia Adler-Milstein, Denise Anthony, Melissa Creary

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