Applied Epidemiology Certificate for Online MPH Students

The Applied Epidemiology certificate provides students with the skills necessary to analyze large-scale data sets in order to understand health trends across time, geographic location, and population groups. 

Coursework is designed to demonstrate the application of epidemiologic methods. Courses include an introduction to epidemiological methods, a course in social epidemiology, applied data analysis, and an introduction to publicly available datasets and their use in epidemiologic research. Students are introduced to terms, principles, and methods associated with population-based epidemiologic research and gain an understanding of the social and economic factors that lead to health disparities. Through this series, students will learn how to perform basic statistical analyses of data using SAS and interpret those results in a way that is meaningful and impactful. 

I teach students to analyze data, and make sense of the data so they can put all of the pieces together - and believe me, understanding health and it's determinants is really a complex puzzle.

- Ana Baylin, Associate Professor, Epidemiology

Upon completion of the certificate program, students will be able to assess determinants of health trends to develop strategies for interventions and to develop proposals on how resources should be allocated to best address current and future health needs. 

Ana Baylin, associate professor of Nutritional Sciences, is the faculty lead for the Applied Epidemiology Certificate program. In the following video, Baylin shares what students can expect to gain from this certificate program and offers her insights on the importance of the skills they’ll develop.


Must be an enrolled graduate student in the Population and Health Sciences online Master of Public Health degree program. Students must successfully complete BIOSTAT 501 and PUBHLTH 512 prior to enrolling in this graduate certificate program.

Required Courses for Certificate Completion:

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