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Tanaka Chavanduka


From Political Refugee to Advocate for Adolescent Health

Tanaka Chavanduka, MPH ‘18

Tanaka Chavanduka was just four years old when his family fled from persecution in Zimbabwe. Despite the hardships Tanaka encountered, he was able to excel academically. Now he’s working to make a positive impact on marginalized communities and the country that helped him thrive. Read more

Stephen Salerno

Statistics Served with Love: A Family Passion for Nourishing the Community

Stephen Salerno, MS ’18

How does biostatistics keep doctoral student Stephen Salerno connected to his family’s passion for feeding people? He makes sure every research and volunteer experience is a chance to feed local and global communities with accessible data that helps alleviate and prevent health problems and health disparities. Read more

Olivia McGovern

Chasing Outbreaks: Movie Screens, Meningitis Surveillance, and Meaningful Service

Olivia McGovern, MS ‘18

Inspired by a strong support system and one of her favorite films, Olivia McGovern made her dream job a reality with a Michigan Public Health education. Read more

Pahriya Ashrap

Silk Road Native's Dream Repeats with Every Intervention

Pahriya Ashrap

When Pahriya Ashrap sees people in need, she imagines opportunities to help—whether she’s in an Ann Arbor lab or online with a math mentee on the other side of the world. Her simple, powerful dream of making a positive impact has motivated her on her long road to public health, where she works to build bridges of culture and science. Read more