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Randel Richner


The "Well-Behaved" Advocate: A Career in Public Health Policy

Randel Richner, MPH '90, Health Management and Policy

As a nurse in northern Michigan, Randel Richner discovered she was interested not only in providing patients great care but in being their advocate. Today, she remains focused on improving health policy and health care for the future. Read more

Zora Djuric

Collaborating Across Campus and Across the Globe

Zora Djuric

Trained at Michigan Public Health, researcher Zora Djuric's interdisciplinary approach to cancer prevention research fosters international collaborations and long-lasting partnerships that bridge campuses, communities and countries. Read more

Karin Dove

Preventing Sickness and Injury: An Occupational Passion

Karin Dove, MPH '16, Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology

Karin Dove knows the public health work she does will impact large populations of people. Data is her key tool in that endeavor, and translating the value of that data is one or her biggest challenges and joys. Read more

Chanese Forté

Research and Equity in Global Public Health

Chanese Forté

Growing up in the Atlanta metro area, Chanese Forté was fortunate to have the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention so close. Already being familiar with epidemiology she’s at Michigan Public Health, she can put all of her passions together – equity, worker health, chemical exposure, and cancer. Read more