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Ebbin Dotson


Preparing the Best Minds for Health Care Leadership Today

Ebbin Dotson, MHSA '01

Across the health care landscape, Ebbin Dotson wants to make sure persons of color are prepared for leadership roles and given opportunities to lead. Whenever he is successful in this work, health care improves for all of us. Read more

Laura Power

Prevention in Action: The Bigger Picture around Individual Infections

Laura Power, MPH ’15

Preventive medicine mitigates the spread of disease by linking clinical practice and population health. The regular teamwork and the chance to learn a variety of skills—from statistics to social sciences—drew alum Laura Power into this exciting field. Read more

Kyle Busse

From Global Inspiration to Public Health Education

Kyle Busse

Kyle Busse’s global public health work started in Bolivia as an undergraduate student. Now a global epidemiology student at Michigan Public Health, Kyle has worked in Ghana and plans to use his training to impact other disciplines of public health. Read more

Sally Mason Boemer

Ask Lots of Questions: How to Lead Successfully in Health Care Finance at a Young Age without Formal Business Training

Sally Mason Boemer, MHSA ’93

Asking questions is how alum Sally Boemer learns and understands the complex systems she manages. In doing so, she brings out the best in her team and her organization. Read more