Health Disparities

Shichi Dhar

Senior advocates for holistic, public health-centric approach to healthcare

Shichi Dhar

Shichi Dhar is a pre-medical student who one day wants to be involved in delivering a more holistic approach to healthcare. She is a senior in the Bachelor of Science program at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. To Dhar, “traditional medicine can only do so much,” and that’s why public health is so paramount in her eyes.

Helena Helme

Exploring public health through a cross-cultural lens

Helena Helme

Traveling through rural areas of other countries in her youth gave Helena Helme an introduction to public health. Helme is a senior, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Sciences at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. She is expected to graduate in May 2024.

Hassan Beydoun

Global health advocate: A journey from Michigan to Thailand

Hassan Beydoun, BS ’22

Hassan Beydoun, BS ’22, has always aspired to explore the field of public health on a global scale and one day bring the knowledge and insights he gains back to the United States. Beydoun, who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health Sciences, is living out his dream in Bangkok, where he holds the position of foreign expert at Mahidol University’s Faculty of Public Health.

Alex Fox

Former music major finds harmony in healthcare leadership journey

Alex Fox, MHSA ’20

For Alex Fox, MHSA ’20, being analytical has always been a part of his personality. Mix that in with being a “little bit business oriented with a sense of doing good in the world” and pursuing a Master of Health Services Administration was a perfect fit.