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Headshot of Marcus McKay


Helping Communities Make Effective Change

Marcus McKay Jr.

See what led Master of Public Health student Marcus McKay Jr to pursue an education and career in epidemiology. Read more

Headshot of featured student, Alicia Dominguez.

Merging Mathematical Skills and Public Health Interests through Biostatistics

Alicia Dominguez

Alicia Dominguez found biostatistics as a way to merge her quantitative skills with public health issues and topics she is passionate about. Read more

Katharine Bradley

Guiding Principles: Balancing Context and Evidence to Inform Policy

Katharine Bradley, PhD ’14

Katharine Bradley was steered toward public health by her mother’s career in hospital administration, but, she says, “health insurance policy is different than administration.” Now equipped with a PhD in Health Services Research and Policy, she works to create research-based evidence about Medicaid implementation so we can have better health care policy. Read more

Brooke Callaghan

Inspired by Adversity to Create Better Health through Food

Brooke Callaghan

Inspired by her own brush with food insecurity, master's student Brooke Callaghan has committed her education, and her own personal time, to improving food access and trying to combat health risks associated malnutrition. Read more