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Cleopatra Caldwell


Nobody Is Born a Parent: Building Up Fathers, Families, and Communities through Community-Based Participatory Research

Cleopatra Caldwell

Caldwell is sometimes asked what parenting has to do with public health. “Everything,” she says. “Individual, family, and community health are all about relationships and social support—all of which are vital to the public’s health.” Read more

Lt. Commander Rashid Njai

Giving the Best of Himself by Giving Back: Rashid Njai's Public Health Mission

Lt. Commander Rashid Njai PhD, MPH

Wherever Lt. Commander Rashid Njai’s career takes him—from Michigan communities like Flint and Detroit to the frontlines of public health crises internationally—it is his drive to help people, an unwavering commitment to the truth of his calling and his science, that guides the course of his public health work. . Read more

Amilcar Matos Moreno

Bringing Public Health Home: Matos-Moreno's Hurricane Relief Mission in Puerto Rico

Amilcar Matos-Moreno

Amilcar Matos-Moreno’s interest in public health has led him from biostatistics to epidemiology. In the process, he has discovered a way to dedicate his life’s work to making a difference in his home island of Puerto Rico, including Hurricane Maria relief and more. Read more

Travis Donahoe

Uncovering What Makes Some Places Healthier Than Others

Travis Donahoe

Growing up in Appalachia, Travis Donahoe has always been curious about health care disparities and what makes certain places healthier than others. Read more