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Sarah Falvey


For Future Generations: A Diversity of Passions Propels a Military Professional forward in Public Health

Sarah Falvey

As an active duty Air Force officer, new mother, and master’s student, Sarah Falvey sees public health as a way to combine her many passions while focusing on keeping people in the military healthy. Read more

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Pragmatic Adventures: Information, Evidence, and Decisions for Today

Danny Hicks

Danny Hicks loves the beautiful pragmatism of being in the moment and using the tools at hand to make sound decisions. He also loves doing the hard work of maintaining the human health of communities in and around the military. Read more

Anton L.V. Avanceña

Modeling Better Public Policy

Anton L.V. Avanceña

Anton Avanceña grew up in the Philippines, where he witnessed the effects of limited resources on health care outcomes. Today, he is learning to use modeling and simulation techniques to create better public policy. Read more

Tran Doan

Accessible Policies: Quality Health Care for the Most Underserved

Tran T. Doan

Tran Doan has witnessed firsthand the many challenges faced by refugee immigrants as they navigate a new country. She now works on policies that improve health care quality for under-resourced communities. Read more