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Nathan Clayton, online MPH student


From CDC to MPH: Real-World Work Inspires Desire for Greater Impact

Nathan Clayton

After graduating college, Nathan Clayton entered into a world of disease prevention he never expected to be a part of. Since then, he’s assisted in containing the spread of several illnesses in his role with the CDC. Now, he’s working to complete his MPH so that he can do even more for public health. Read more

Shuji Tsuda

Stretching His Border to Prevent Dementia: A Physician's Shift to Public Health

Shuji Tsuda

Shuji Tsuda worked as a family physician in Japan for over a decade. In that time, he cared for those suffering from dementia but became frustrated by his inability to prevent their deterioration. With public health training, he aims to transform care to prevent cases, and better treat those with dementia in the US and Japan. Read more

Olawunmi Oduyebo

To Help Others Achieve: An Advocate's Global Effort to Ensure Education and Health Equity

Olawunmi Oduyebo

In her personal life and her research, master's student Olawunmi Oduyebo has seen firsthand how personal and community health impact education and vice versa. As a public health advocate and non-profit founder, she's working globally to help people achieve their goals and aspiration by ensuring access to education, and good health, for all. Read more

Utibe Effiong

A Desire to Be More: How Public Health Connects Medicine to Patient Communities

Utibe Effiong, MPH ’14

At a young age, Utibe Effiong knew he wanted to help people, and he knew he wanted to do that as a physician. Because of his public health training, he knows that his interactions with individual patients have an impact on entire communities. Read more