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  • Adriane Kline

    A Global Journey for Sustainable Public Health

    Adriane Kline

    Over years and many miles of travel, master’s student Adriane Kline has honed her ability to integrate intercultural learning, thoughtful communication, team science, and a passion for the health of communities into long-term, sustainable, population health solutions. Read more

  • Dr. Hanady Daas | Photo provided by Beaumont Health

    Earning an MPH in Service of Her Patients

    Hanady Daas

    After years as a physician, Dr. Hanady Daas realized that to do all that she wants for her patients she was going to need to broaden her health horizons.She decided that studying population health would give her the ‘whole picture’ of a patient that she was looking for, one that would enable her to have an impact beyond individual care. Hanady is now earning her MPH online so that she can enhance her ability to serve her patients while continuing to care for them. Read more

  • MPH student, Christopher Crowe with his daughters. Photo provided by Christopher Crowe.

    Taking Public Health into My Own Hands

    Christopher Crowe

    Christopher Crowe has encountered a number of barriers throughout his educational journey. Now, thanks in part to the accessibility of online learning, he is able to accomplish more than ever. Today, he’s pursuing a Master of Public Health online to improve the health care system issues he’s experienced firsthand. Read more

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    Engaging and Empowering Vulnerable Communities for Climate Change Action

    Marie O'Neill

    Marie O’Neill, professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, uses this idea as a basis for her long-standing research on environmental and occupational exposures—and how they affect human health. We spoke to Marie to learn more about her research and community-based work. Read more

  • Cachet Colvard outside the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

    Learning, Leading, and Enriching Lives

    Cachet R. Colvard, MHSA ’17, MBA ’20

    Helping people live healthier lives led alum Cachet Colvard to Michigan Public Health, to Ghana, and now to the United Arab Emirates, where she develops patient-centered health care innovations. She spends a lot of her free time helping other young professionals navigate the complexities of health care leadership. Read more

  • Maria Miltzer

    Empowering Community Leaders for Positive Change

    María Militzer

    U-M School of Public Health postdoc Maria Militzer is working with Mexiquenses en Michigan to help provide resources and information during the coronavirus pandemic Read more