How Grenada Will Teach Me!

Marlene with suitcase

Marlene Zahran, HBHE Student

Once I added the Public Health 616 class Beachto my schedule, I was very excited to know that I was going to Grenada island in the Caribbean and engaging with a population I have not had a chance to work with before! I am feeling very blessed to be able to go to such a beautiful place and work with such a kind group of people. I am looking forward to working with the Ministry of Education on such a professional level, to help create new data that will lead to the creation of a public health program that will help decrease the use of drugs in the youth population. I feel very honored to get the opportunity to conduct a project like this and have such an influence on the world. I look forward to gaining qualitative research skills such as collecting data from focus group interviews with both the youth and couches/admin., qualitative analysis, and working one on one with such a professional team. I look forward to identifying the current stressors affecting athletes/youth that leads them to substance use and helping to create a new approach to mitigate this among the Grenada community.

How Grenada will help me emotionally? Professionally?
Not only will the educational gain be important, yet the emotional gain will be important for mewoman holding flag as well. Emotionally I hope to gain reassurance that this line of work is my passion, to help me decide which route to take with my public health master’s degree. The weather and the tropical breeze will also be a great perk, but the true meaning of this experience is to be amongst a new nation of people and to learn from them an anthropological lense. Currently I am not nervous to go, I am actually so excited that I have packed my bag already! READY FOR THE WARM WEATHER! I have traveled to regions in the world that are low to middle income regions and this trip only excites me for what I will learn about the culture of Grenada. I have NEVER led a focus group, but I have led a one on one interview and support groups. That being said, I am nervous about the amount of information we will get from youth mainly because SUBSTANCE ABUSE IS SUCH A SENSITIVE TOPIC.  I expect to focus on the main project, but the fun can also come along whenever we have time.

Through this experience I hope to push myself to lead a focus group on a professional level and to improve my facilitation skills. I have an expectation for this trip, it is the hope to gain guidance in the exact career path I hope to take in the future.

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