Grenada grind: Self-Discovery in the Field

Rasmi Davu Blog 3

Rasmi Davu

2nd Year,MPH Epidemiology Candidate

Greetings from Michigan!

I'm back from my amazing week-long trip to Grenada, and I've been reflecting on my
experiences. Near the end of our time in Grenada, my group and I had the opportunity to
administer the pilot survey we developed while still in Michigan. Additionally, we spent time
analyzing data and presenting our findings to our Grenadian partners and collaborators.
Now that I'm back, I've been able to reflect on my experience and think about the key
takeaways that I can apply to my future career. One thing that really stood out to me is how
foundational this experience was in helping me better understand myself and the kind of work
that I want to pursue.

While I'm aware that professional careers are constantly evolving, I think it's important to have
a clear sense of what I'm looking for in my career at present. Through my time in Grenada, I
discovered that I really enjoy a variety of experiences and roles. I find satisfaction in both the
behind-the-scenes work, such as survey development and logistical coordination, as well as the
front-facing work of interacting with people one-on-one or in groups.
One of the things I particularly enjoyed during my time in Grenada was being out in the field
and hearing people's thoughts and insights. Even in challenging or stressful moments, I felt
fulfilled and energized by this kind of work. This experience has reinforced my passion for this
kind of work, and I'm excited to continue exploring different roles and opportunities as I move
forward in my career.

This experience has also taught me the importance of building relationships and working
collaboratively with others. Throughout our time in Grenada, we had the opportunity to work
closely with our Grenadian partners and collaborators, and I realized just how valuable it is to
have a strong network of colleagues and peers to rely on.

My experience in Grenada was truly transformative, both personally and professionally. It
taught me valuable lessons about myself and the kind of work that I want to pursue, and it gave
me the opportunity to build important relationships and work collaboratively with others. I'm
grateful for the experience and excited to see where these passions and skills will take me next.