Global Public Health Faculty Spotlight

Andrew Ault Andrew P. Ault, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Ault is an expert in the field of atmospheric chemistry, with a focus on aerosol and engineered nanoparticle impacts on human health and climate. His research makes use of a wide array of instrumentation to study the aerosol health and climate effects, with a focus on single particle mass spectrometry and Raman microspectroscopy. The Ault group utilizes an integrated approach involving field measurements, laboratory measurements on field samples, and laboratory measurements of well-characterized aerosol proxies. Andrew teaches a graduate course in environmental chemistry and special topics courses involving aerosols and atmospheric chemistry. He is a member the American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR), American Chemical Society (ACS), and American Geophysical Union (AGU).

Ana Baylin Ana Baylin, M.D., Dr.P.H.

Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences
Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Associate Professor, Global Health

Dr. Baylin is interested in the emerging burden of chronic disease in developing countries, in particular, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, which have started to exceed those in developed countries. She is also currently developing interventions to prevent cardiometabolic risk at the work site level.

Melissa Creary Melissa S. Creary, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Assistant Professor of Health Management and Policy

Dr. Creary's research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of public health, science and technology studies, and medical anthropology. She studies the social, cultural, ethical, political and historic tensions of sickle cell disease (SCD) in both the United States and Brazil. In her most recent project, she analyzes how frameworks of biology, social determinants, and policy respond to Brazilian cultural and historical ideas about race, health, identity, and legitimacy.

Elizabeth King Elizabeth J. King, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Assistant Professor, Health Behavior & Health Education
Associate Director, Weiser Center for Europe & Eurasia
Faculty Associate, Global Public Health

Dr. King's primary research interests are HIV prevention, access to HIV services for key affected populations, and gender-based violence. Additionally, she is interested in the promotion of a human rights-based approach to HIV testing and treatment policies and of gender equity in HIV programs and services. She utilizes qualitative and mixed-methods study designs in her research. Dr. King has been working in Russia for more than 15 years. For example, she was funded by a Fulbright-Hays grant to conduct research on the social and behavioral factors that influence HIV service utilization among women who are involved in sex work and injection drug use in St. Petersburg, Russia. She has also led or worked on research projects in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Africa.

Ritesh Mistry Ritesh Mistry, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Health Behavior and Health Education

Dr. Mistry has conducted studies in the U.S. and internationally in areas of tobacco use, physical activity, food choice, and health care utilization. He was a recipient of the Fulbright-Nehru Senior Scholar Award to study the implementation of India's tobacco control policy and adolescent tobacco use. He has been Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator on studies funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the California Tobacco Related Disease Research Program. His research has received news media attention from local, national and international agencies such as CNN, Reuters, Times of India and others.