Healthcare Accounting and Finance Certificate for Online MPH Students

Management of healthcare organizations is a critical part of understanding the healthcare system. Students completing this certificate program will gain an understanding of the foundational principles of healthcare management and the operational systems within healthcare organizations. This includes understanding how healthcare organizations manage and oversee financing (budgeting and accounting), the impact of mergers and acquisitions, and strategies for effective financial responsibility. 

"Skills related to finance, accounting, management - these are all principles that you can take with you whether you're managing an intervention, looking to design a new program, looking to be a leader within a healthcare delivery organization, or working in your local public health department."

Michael Rubyan, Assistant Professor, Health Management and Policy

An understanding of the key principles of management gives students the background they need to be able to contextualize public health principles that interface with the larger healthcare system and recognize why things happen.

Michael Rubyan, clinical assistant professor of Health Management and Policy, is the faculty lead for the Healthcare Accounting and Finance certificate program. In the following video, Rubyan shares what students can expect to gain from this certificate program and offers his insights on the importance of the skills they’ll develop.


Must be an enrolled graduate student in the Population and Health Sciences online Master of Public Health degree program.

Required Courses for Certificate Completion:

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